Coaching triathletes is my job; my only job. It’s about their results but it’s about so much more. Looking at updates from Calgary and Whistler today makes me over the moon happy! Sharon wins Calgary! Tanya is second in her ag behind Sharon with a good not great day… She has more and it’s coming. These two own the women 40 to 44 div. Tara is 7th in 45 to 49 with smiles galore! Shannon Ouellette sticks to her plan and eats on the bike in spite of terrible tummy issues before the race started to have a “strong run”! New words for Shannon in a 70.3! Add to that the support updates and cheers from teammates Leana Keto and Sarah Van Tine in Calgary plus Danny and Travis Postnekoff in Whistler and the community piece of what we love is in place. Mike finished his FIRST Tri EVER in Whistler! And Phil.. amazing Phil… Ironman Canada was #3 and to keep it from being “easy” he did a 6k swim the day before in the ocean in Vancouver. ¬†Coaching is my job but so much more. Beyond thankful.

Calgary 70.3 Triathlon 1 Calgary 70.3 triathlon 2 Calgary 70.3 triathlon 3 Calgary 70.3 triathlon 4 Calgary 70.3 Triathlon 5 California 70.3 Ironman