What a day!!!!!  The support among these girls gave warm fuzzies.  They all have different goals; different ways to approach the race.  They all have personal reasons for embarking on an Ironman journey, and none of them were newbies!  Ironman isn’t supposed to be easy and this day gave back all it could!  Choppy water, heat and wind!  Wow!!!  Here’s what went down for Coach Angie’s athletes!

Tara:  Tara signed up for this 2 months ago.  The goal… a practice Ironman for her real day which is IM Arizona in November!  In 2 months she went from no swim or bike training to the start line of IMCDA.  Pre-race nerves were tough!  Tara is a competitor and the reality of the short build was taking a toll on her emotions.  We had a chat on Saturday which was mostly a reminder of her goals and to stick to them.  Race day.. Tara was awesome!  Out of the lake HUGE SMILE!!!!!!! I was SO happy to see her and happier to see her grin!!!  The bike… she took it easy. Was patient knowing her run was where she wanted to shine!  Tara did shine on that run! She ran the entire marathon, suffered through some low points but didn’t once give in.  At the end of the day she had the 7th fastest marathon in her AG!  A very good “practice run” run for Arizona!

Rosanne:  Rosanne is doing her second Ironman. The first was Challenge Penticton 2 years ago. Rosanne asked me to coach her about 3 months pre-race, and I lovingly call her “green girl” for getting every single workout done!!  Her logs are stories that always make me smile.  Rosanne was stealth on race day! Her outfit was hard to see but luckily her husband Kevin and son Kyle were in the truck and chasing her around the course!  (CDA allows this!)  I got updates from Kevin which were awesome. She was managing the wind on the bike.  On the run when I saw her on the first lap she eloquently told me she didn’t know if she would have energy for the run! She was tired:)  Go figure!!!  She was running well at this point, and when the mind wants what the mind wants great stuff happens!!!  Rosanne had a very strong second Ironman race!! In these conditions on this very challenging course she beat her goal of 14 hours!  She was happy excited and positive at the finish line!  What a GREAT DAY!!! SO PROUD OF HER!!!! Congrats Rosanne!!!  THANKS for the t-shirts too Rosanne!

Chris:  Chris and I talked about one goal!  To enjoy this day. CDA 70.3 wasn’t an enjoyable day. To the point that Chris wasn’t sure she wanted to do Ironman.  Chris also doesn’t love downhills, and with the wind I knew it would be a mental battle out there. This course is tough.  Ironman Tracker was useless, and wasn’t showing Chris as off the bike. We were at cut off time.  I was having a heart attack.. refresh refresh refresh!!!!  Then, like magic, she was in front of me calling my name, running and smiling!!! She was at 3 miles on the run course and tracker thought she was still on her bike!!  Chris ran.. she ran and smiles and made friends!  When she crossed the finish line her smile.. oh my!!!! She was SO happy with her day.  Mission accomplished.  She worked thru some bizarre new knee pain that slower her pace the last 8 miles but that didn’t impact her joy at her day.  Over the moon happy for you Chris!!

LOVED sharing this weekend with ALL OF YOU!!   Another epic Ironman race is in the books.  Coach is tired but happy:) Time too recover… for Coach too:)