What a day! Results say a lot/  https://www.sportstats.ca/display-results.xhtml?raceid=40069&status=results&category=Women

I (Coach Angie) was thrilled to be there to cheer my amazing athletes and friends on a spectacular day in Penticton British Columbia.

Tanya:  6th overall including pro women.  3rd age group women overall.  Winner w40-44.

Sharon:  7th overall including pro women.  4th age group woman overall.  Second w40-44

  •  The story of this day was EPIC!  They were out of the swim about 2 minutes apart.  There were very few women ahead but the pros started 30 min earlier so we didn’t have a perspective on the swim overall.  The bike… I cheered with Sharons kids, TTL alumni Chris F. and TTL athlete Lisa which was was AWESOME!  Sharon ZOOMS by.  Right behind her, Tanya.  Both are on fire!
  • I was in transition and Sharon comes BLAZING in. Her transition times had to be the best in the race. Not a second was lost.  She was rocking!  Right behind her, Tanya!  Oh my!!!  Neck in neck!  I saw them on the run course.  Sharon with Tanya hot on her heels on the first lap.  They were pressing each other but racing their own race at the same time.  Sharon worked through some low moments out there on her first “longer than a 70.3” race and was able to pull time back after Tanya passed her. Tanya is an Ironman veteran and today that experience showed.  Tanya brought out her “A” game and at the end of the day, she knew she had raced well and was so happy!!   Sharon was proud of the race she had to hold on.  Lessons learned and continued growth to IMA in November for both these athletes.  To see them dominate the women’s race was epic. SO proud of them both! HUGE CONGRATS to both of you!  On to Ironman AZ where the woment 40-44 might not know what hits!  Awesome day!  So proud of you!

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