Sarah trained hard for this race.  It was her “A” race for the year which makes sense!  A 3k swim, 120k bike and 30k run is no joke! It’s a major accomplishment.  In the peak of her build she got a blister which usually isn’t a big deal. Unfortunately this was one that got infected and Sarah was unable to run or do any run like training (water / elliptical).  She made an effort to switch to the Aquabike knowing that’s where her best fitness and training was.  Unfortunately Challenge said no, and she decided to do the race knowing she would do her absolute best with what she had on the day.  We talked about staying in the moment.  It was so important she not think forward and worry.  The day would come, and she would get it done.  On top of this she got a cold.  A nasty one.  It seemed better race morning, but after a really strong swim (Sarah is a BEAUTIFUL swimmer) and a strong first lap of the bike, the cold ate her energy and she was flat.  She nailed her nutrition, and even took in extra, but her body was fighting her every step.  I saw Sarah on the run course a few times. She was smiling and moving well, doing her absolute best and racing with her heart.  The photo below says a lot about her day.  She gave it all she had, and I could not be more proud of her.  Congrats Sarah:)


Coach Angie was on a team with two amazing women! Tracey Shelley (our swimmer) was the reason I was in Penticton and I could not be more thankful for the push.  I thought I was NUTS to go all that way to run 30k!  At the end of the day the trip was an absolute gift. I connected with so many friends I lost track.  Racing with Tracey and Mel Spooner (our cyclist) was fun and a no pressure affair which made me SO happy!  My goal was to enjoy racing. It’s been a while since I was on a start line and I lose my mojo.  Today was about getting that back!  After a glitch at bike to run transition thanks to me forgetting my race bib, I was off! (Tracey sprinted to my room to find it just as Mel came in. She had no luck after literally ripping my room apart!  The officials thankfully let me run without it.)  I ran happy! I cheered, clapped, even danced a little, AND exceeded the pace I though I could hold.  I had SO much fun until the last 6k! It was a perfect re-entry to racing!  (At about 6k to go I told a friend on the course that “the fun fell off”!)  It was perfect timing to get hard. I paced well, finished strong at a faster pace than I believed I could hold, and loved every minute of it.  An amazing day and we won the Female Relay Division even with an 11 min T2! It helps to have really awesome teammates!   CONGRATS to everyone who raced!  Challenge Penticton in the books!  Time to recover:)

IMG_5893 IMG_5914