Our yash apple finish lineoungest member has been a little racing machine this seash crash picason!  Most recently Ashlyn took on the stiff competition at the Kelowna Apple KOS.    She placed 10th out of the girls in her age group and 16th out of all the girls and boys!  Way to go Ash!  She followed this up the next weekend at a road cycling camp where she learned to ride draft legal, and of course crash draft legal!  What a toughie!


Hillie had bhillie apple podiumeen training hard for the Challenge Pen duathlon and decided to enter the sprint at the Apple for a fun add on race on her way to Pentiction.   Her podium successes continued where she placed third in her age group despite some transition glitches that left her without fluids/fuel for the ride!  Way to go Hillie!  A solid outing!


Leigh was doing the Regina Rise and Tri race after having some difficulties with her achillies.  The plan was to swim and bike hard and take the run easy as she has some big goal running races on the horizon.  The race went as planned and the achilies held up and Leigh came away with an age group win!  Congrats Leigh!

Travis was doing his second full Ironman at IMCDA!  Travis had really consistent training coming into this race!  A few minor glitches along the way that required rest days, but overall really steady training!  Travis’ swim was bang on!  A real strength of his is he can go out and nail the swim at every race he goes to!  His bike was strong and steady!  No surprise as Travis has been working so hard on the bike this year Lionel Sanders style!  Pain cave sessions on the trainer!  The wind and the heat on the bike, especially the second lap zapped the energy and speed for alot people on race day and Travis was no exception to this but still came off the bike very close to his goals and feeling strong!  That wind and heat took their toll out on Travis on the run though and although he wasn’t happy with his run split overall his day was great!  He got his nutrition right, which is huge and is already planning out his next Ironman!  Congrats on another great ironman finish Travis!