Tanya S worlds

A World Champion Worth Smile!  

Tanya has been racing triathlons for more years than she wishes to admit.  She loves to train and doesn’t need a race to motivate her to get out the door.  The flip side of this is that over the last few years her energy and enthusiasm for racing has dwindled, and the hard/ big training blocks don’t have the same shiny appeal they might have had earlier in her very successful racing career.

Tanya had some outstanding training blocks leading to Worlds.  She also had several missed sessions for various reasons.  She did what she could, but her mojo wasn’t the same and other important things like spending time with her beautiful daughter took higher priority.  Tanya entered race week ready to race and accepting of her “less than peak” fitness.

With all this, the one thing I absolutely know about Tanya is that when her brain shows up in race mode, she is world class!  She proved that in a pretty special place (Penticton) that holds a lot of memories from Ironman events over the years.  Mind over matter, and years of training and racing brought forward the ability for T-Rex to have a pretty spectacular day!

She was solid swim, bike and run, and trust me, her run training was sub max thanks to foot surgery earlier in the year.   She did what she could but there was no speed work at all!

Her smile at the finish is a World Championship smile!  Steve King said once at an Ironman Canada awards banquet that there “are no guarantees when we race”.  He is right.  On paper this should not have been a good day.   With heart, soul, talent and a body the responds to training stimulus like no other Tanya WON the ITU World Long Course Championships!  I am honored to be her coach.  I’m more honored to be her friend.  So proud of you T-Rex!  Bask in the World Championship glory. It’s something most people will never experience.  Coach Angie