Ryan sc 1Ryan and I started working together not long before Mountain Man Half Ironman.  He is dedicated to his training but what I respect most about Ryan is he always balances out the needs of his wife and his fur babies around training and racing!  He is dedicated to his goals but family is always his top priority.  I have much respect for this!

At Mountain Man the race was at elevation, and it was hard.  Ryan did his absolute best on this day but lessons were learned.  The big ones.. pacing on the bike and nutrition.  Both created some challenges at Mountain Man, and when we made the decision for him to race a 70.3 only 4 weeks after Mountain Man, we knew the focus was on execution.

Ryan was right back into training after his first Half.  No rest!  He worked diligently on nutrition and with a bit of time and effort was able to get Infinit Nutrition in his hands to use in Santa Cruz.

How did Santa Cruz go?  Better than we could have honestly hoped for.  The fatigue from training lifted just in time, and Ryan nailed his process goals!

The swim was shortened by a lot because of fog.  This was out of his control.

The bike… He dropped his HR by 10-15 beats which took immense patience.  His nutrition plan went to pot because of a dropped bottle BUT he had a back up plan!  We talked about this and he listened. SO happy with him. Nutrition plan “B” worked and he still managed to maintain his carb/ calorie plan.

His run… outstanding!  He could not have done better.  He used infinit run formula in a hand held bottle and was able to run his best day.

Process is everything on a long course triathlon.  Ryan proved that in 4 weeks you can improve fitness, but more importantly you can improve “what” you’re doing on race day.  HUGE confidence for this wonderful athlete for his next big goal which is Ironman Arizona!  Well done Ryan!  (Oh.. and he swam his fastest 400 in the pool ever today! How cool is THAT!)  Coach Angie

Ryan sc 2