Vicki Tempe


Vicki is training for AZ 70.3 which will be her first long course tri.  She trains in 30-45 min blocks during the week around her work and family schedules.  She does core and strength at lunch hidden in her office. Her determination and commitment is epic!  She’s a little body with a HUGE heart!  Tempe Triathlon was her first non-wetsuit open water swim and she was AWESOME!  She managed her breath, her effort, and even enjoyed the swim!  Her bike… fastest EVER!  She followed her nutrition plan to a “t” and her history of tummy issues came to an end today!  Her run… she exceeded her best case scenario!  What does this end up looking like!  A 24 min lifetime best result for Miss Vicki!  I am one proud Mamma Bear! Things are looking VERY good for 70.3!

Becca tempe1


Oh Becca!  Another great day.  Her goals were steady on the swim, strong on the bike using power for the first time, and to run strong for 6.2 miles!  Mission accomplished!  Becca was solid enough for another Age Group Win!  (Does this ever get old.)  Of course she’s looking at the work that needs to be done to continue to improve!  I can tell you for her first year of racing she is an athlete to be reckoned with.  Sometimes when you start “good” it’s hard to build and improve.  Becca is bucking this trend and proving that talented athletes can and will get stronger better faster  if they have an unmatched work ethic to go with their talent!  I can’t wait to see her go at AZ 70.3!  CONGRATS BECCA!

Becca Tempe2

Becca SPEEDY on the bike! 


Patrick Tempe 2016

This is a 2016 photo of Patrick!  


Patrick has been self coached for the last few years and decided this year he wanted guidance on his triathlon journey.  He has been such a pleasure to work with!  He takes his goals seriously, but in a way that respects his young family and wife.  He is the best question “asker” ever, and since we started he’s made some major nutritional changes that have been very positive for his daily and training life.

Tempe was a HUGE success for Patrick!  In spite of a near derailment on the swim thanks to a kick that left him a bit out of it, he was able to manage effort on the bike to ride strong AND have his best 10k off the bike ever!  At the end of the day this was his first International Distance event under 3 hours AND he took over an hour off from this race 2 years ago!  #proudcoach!  AZ 70.3 is waiting for you Patrick, and I know you’ll be ready!

Jim tempe podium


Jim, Sprint: 

Jim took a pretty extended break from training and racing due to life and a few significant injuries.  When he contacted me for coaching we were starting off pretty close to square one compared to where he has been in his athletic life, but Jim was up for the challenge.  The hardest thing for Jim boils down to one word, and that word is “patience”.  He knows where he was, and waiting to get back there is sometimes a big challenge for this very driven athlete!  What I do know, is that Jim is doing the work daily.  He is committed to training over the long haul, and his fitness and strength will continue to grow.  At the ripe “young” age of 61, he is challenging himself in ways more folks his age can’t fathom.  I also love how he challenges me to be my best with him as well!  How did the race go?  He had a steady swim, he absolutely rocked the bike (his favorite) and his run was steady BUT we have some work to do on pacing the bike to run well off the bike.  With a few execution issues Jim was still good enough for 2nd in his Age Group which is AWESOME!  Very proud of you Jim!  Onto AZ 70.3!  There is work to be done.

Jim Tempe

Jim VERY smiley on the run!