Leana Van

This photo isn’t from this race but it works! Smiley Leana!  <3

Whoa Nelly!!  Leana is training for a crazy Disney race weekend in January that most of us mere mortals could not fathom!  She races a 5k, 10k, half marathon and full marathon in 4 days!  So, the Last Chance Half was a training day, but gosh darn it turned out well!

Being the every “pushy” coach, I had her run 45 min pre- race and to add to the load she had no taper at all!   Leana surprised herself by feeling spunky, and pulling off some pretty solid miles!  As the fatigue set in Leana successful denied the urge her legs had to slow down and she kept pushing through to the finish line!

The best part!  Leana ran this race, on tired legs with winter conditions 5 min faster than her half mary in August!  This is a solid testament to the training she is able to fit in as she continues to check off the steps to completing her MBA in Vancouver!  WELL DONE LEANA!!!! You are on your way!

Coach Angie