Sharon LCHSharon race the Ironman World Championships on October 14th.   Anyone who has done an Ironman knows it can be one of the most rewarding days of your life. It can also be a day where the hours of commitment, sacrifice and hard work  are not revealed in your performance.  Athletes aren’t robots, and not every day is a good one.  Kona Hawaii can be cruel, and Sharon was not able to have the race she was ready for.  That, however, is not the purpose behind this race update.

Post Kona Sharon recovered fast.  A sub-par race can do that for you and she was hungry to test herself again.  The fitness she built was there and going into Hawaii she knew she was literally in the best shape of her life.

The Last Chance Half Marathon was an open door invitation for the race Sharon was craving, and beyond the realm of logic, it was amazing in a mind altering “holy crap what did she do” way!

Sharon is fast, and when you’re as fast and experienced as she is, best times are hard to come by. Her half marathon PR was at Woody’s Half in Red Deer, Alberta in 2012.  She hasn’t got there again, and did not enter this race expecting it.  Her goal was to run a bit “soft” to start, to get a feel for how things were going, then turn it up if all was good.

Good plans can get better!  Her pace was faster than she thought it should be but she felt strong…  SO strong.  She kept pushing and slowly brought the competition back to her as she ran through most of the field. She had not had a PB in any distance in 2 years! This was a HUGE DEAL!

After the race she called me, and I can honestly say that this was the most excited I’ve heard Sharon be post race in a very very long time.  She told me the same story 3 times, and we had to do the math to make sure the time correction was ok more than once!

  • Her official time was 1:28:40.
  • Her PB from 5 years ago was 1:27:55.
  • Corrected for distance for 21.1k her time was 1:27:48!

On post Ironman legs, with almost no speed work and a few easy runs, AND a snowy section on the course, Sharon ran the fastest half marathon of her life!  This speaks tons to her athleticism, but also her willingness to throw herself out there to be her best on the day.

I am so happy for her!  She wound up 3rd woman overall in a very competitive field.  CONGRATS SHARON!!!!  At 41 with a hefty race resume behind you, this was one hell of an accomplishment.  YOU ROCK!  Coach Angie