Robin LCRobin has had a crazy year.  Her big goal for 2017 was the ITU World Championship Aquabike in Penticton.  Things don’t always go as planned, though,  and she got sick before the race.  She raced hard but wasn’t able to do what she was capable of thanks to the elephant on her chest from a nasty infection.  Fast forward to Los Cabos!

Robin worked hard, and was ready for this challenging Ironman branded Aquabike!  It’s exciting to race “the Brand” in your event for the first time, and the athlete guide promised an Ironman quality race experience to the Aquabike registrants.  Robin was on the flight and ready to go.

Not surprisingly she was the overall women’s winner.  She was ready for those hills, and a rough swim did not derail her because she’s a beast in the water!  She was dominant and thrilled with her efforts!  Winning is one thing. Racing well is sometimes another. On this day she accomplished both!  Congrats Robin!  The race you trained for in Penticton came together in Los Cabos!  All was well on her end, but shame on Ironman.

I’ll share Robin’s words below to explain what happened.  I’m disappointed in an organization I spend a lot of time and energy being a part of.  I see the magic of Ironman every day, and this was a kick in the butt that they have some work to do.  I have a ton of respect for Aquabike athletes.  How any people do you know do not do tri’s because they can’t run?  I seem to meet a lot and this is a perfect option that is competitive and worthy of the time and energy it takes to train for.  If Ironman is going to include this race in their events, they need to treat it the same as their 70.3 and Ironman brands.

No matter what, CONGRATS to Robin!  You had one hell of a year with wins all over the place! This end of season race justified the work you put in.  I hope Ironman rewards you with the award you deserve.  Coach Angie

From Robin:

This race has been a very big disappointment to me. They opened up the race to Aqua bikers but then treated us very poorly.
1. I recieved zero pre race information via email or otherwise.
2. Transition was very difficult due that our assigned spots were with the wrong race (we were w/140’s should have been 70’s).
3. Race tracking on the Ironman app. was non-existent
4. We were promised a true Ironman race finish with finisher pics and all. NOT! instead we were escorted away from the finish, therefore finisher medals were near impossible to aquire.
5.Race results were virtually impossible to find.
6.It was stated in the race information that TOP 3 finishers would receive an overall award. It did not happen infact aquabike was ignored altogether.
I take this personal, between the training, Money, time I put in, and travel required for me go race the aquabike deserve recognization just as much as all the other racers. Aquabikers put up with the rough water, and blistering heat just like everyone else.
I am unable to run due to an unfixable knee injury. Do those of us who can’t run but want to race deserve to be treated like second class citizens so that Ironman can collect another entry fee?
Thanks Ironman