Corrine hot chocolate run

November and December in AZ is Turkey Trot, Hot Chocolate, Santa Shuffle season!

Much to Marathon Corrine’s chagrin I “encouraged” her to change up her long distance focus to do some 5k’s with a goal of building speed!    Like a lot of long distance runners she didn’t quite “get the point” of racing such a short race!  Oh my!  Perceptions can change!

Corrine learned the value of a few minutes of racing hard with this one and I’m thrilled!  She had a PR in her back pocket and with some grit and a hard effort the mission accomplished!   Always the racer she isn’t happy with where she’s at, and will seek more!  A 5k is no longer a “race not worthwhile”.  It’s now something she wants to get better at, and she will!  This race was done on no speed work, on the heels of a marathon off season!  For a first 5k in many years Corrine KILLED IT!  I was thrilled!  She landed 4th in her ag in a very large race which was pretty darn awesome too.  23:55 AND YOU HAVE MORE!  CONGRATS!

Angie turkey trot

Coach Angie bellied up to the Turkey Trot 5k on Thanksgiving Thursday.  I had no expectations at all, and after a solid 6k warm up with my good friend Shayna, we hit the start line and waited for the gun.  I didn’t look at pace or heart rate! I didn’t have a goal… I was just running.  It got hard and oh my does that finish line seem far away when you’re at the 4k mark!  At the end of the day I ran 21:40, won my age group and had a BLAST with friends!  Overall a GREAT day!