Becca in loveTis the running season in Arizona and my very speedy talented Becca is taking it by storm!  She was planning to do the downhill very fast Tucson Half but plans changed last minute.  Becca never backs away from “hard”, and her and her fast partner in crime Elliot chose a different race where elevation was a challenge rather than a gift.

Mental toughness is one of Becca’s strengths!  When you see her run data you feel the suffering oozing from her page!  This was a day where she fought for it and stayed with the leader as long as she could.  She ran the second half alone with only her brain to keep her on track because this was a naked race by choice!  No pacing or heart rate on her wrist!  Again, Becca is a mental giant! She was racing herself with nobody else close to her!

1:32:57 was her chip time.  2nd woman overall and 1st in her age group!  This wasn’t a pr but it was a very strong day at the office!  CONGRATS Becca!  Not every day will be your fastest and this was a very very strong race!