Leana Dopey 3

Dopey Challenge Medal Haul

Dopey Challenge =

  • 5k Thursday
  • 10k Friday
  • Half Marathon Saturday
  • Full Marathon Sunday.

Leana is a full time MBA student.  This was her third time doing this type of event, but her first with the 5k on Thursday.  Her goal was quite simple.  She wanted to feel good the last 10k of the marathon.

Let’s be honest.  She ran 78.3km over 4 days on pavement.  There is some serious wear and tear on your body.  We both knew the last 10k would be mental… more mental than anything she’s ever done in her life!  How did it turn out?

Her last 10k of the marathon was her fastest 10k of the entire race weekend!  You read this right.  She executed with patience. She respected the distance. She had fun, which is always a goal for Leana.  I asked her how she did it.  Her answer is a lesson in success, not just for racing but for any challenge life throws at us.

Leana Dopey 1

In training these are a few things I saw from Leana.

  1. She committed to her training.  She had a lot of double run days and those second runs were ALWAYS hard to start… but she did it.
  2. When school / life got busy and she had to miss training, she did not stress.  She knew the work was there, and this “pause” was unavoidable.  Manage it, get done what needs to be done, and get back to training.

When I asked Leana how she did this, she sent me the most amazing email on her process. (I’ve summarized her words.)

  1. Review the course.  Look at the sections you didn’t like in the past and change your attitude!
  2. Re-read old race reports.  The stories of fading at the end were there.  This was the year she wasn’t going to let that happen.
  3. Have mantras connected to process goals.  She is not a negative split athlete but she really wanted this in the marathon!
  4. When it got hard, she let her brain take over and convince her legs they were fresh!  Brain power!
  5. Pace well in the earlier races to allow success in the marathon.
  6. In training Leana did hard trail runs on really tired legs with faster runners. This pushed her. She knew what that deep fatigue was, and she knew how to work through it.
  7. BELIEVE you can do this!  From race one she believed she could do this.

I could go on and on about the size of this accomplishment.   We all can learn so much from Leana.  I’ll wrap it up by saying I am humbled by her spirit and willingness to smile and embrace challenge.  I’m convinced her husband is a saint! Neil… this was a huge accomplishment for you and I know how proud you are of her.    You are a gift to your community Leana.  Thank you for letting me be a part of it.

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