CaptureI’ve been doing triathlon for a long time.  My love for cycling and running never seems to waiver, but my goodness the pool can be hard!

I was given a chance to try an underwater music device last week, and I was shocked to figure out a 5500 yard swim flew by with music in my ears!

I’ve always “scoffed” at those people!  You know… you’re not a “real” swimmer if you swim with music!  (I’ve never been a “real” swimmer but I’m using that term to make a point.)

As of this moment I’ve officially become one of “them”.  I came home, ordered it on Amazon, and my first swim was yesterday.  3k… boom! Done!  Enjoyment in the pool!  How does this happen?

I’ve called music “my drugs” on runs for years!  It started in Cochrane, Alberta when on hard sets we put on our drugs!  I now have drugs for the pool, and as silly I may have thought the dude beside me looked,  I’m willing to be just like him!

What I learned my first swim?

  • Use the gel they give you on the ear bud
  • The ear buds that come with the ipod aren’t great. I bought another set and will get it today or tomorrow.
  • Once you have a good seal in your ear don’t take the ear bud out. Water and air make a bubble pocket that means you can’t hear the music.

I hope my lesson for today made you smile just a little bit!  If you want to know how the new earbuds work send me a note.  I’ll be happy to share my experience.