corinne phoenix

Corinne Celebrating a Lifetime Best Half Marathon!

Corinne has spent the last few years running for a Boston Qualifying time.  After an insane 2017 with 4 marathons I was able to talk her into changing directions with her run focus.  She wasn’t excited to let a BQ go for the short term, but she trusted me and we were off.  At R and R Corinne had a “post health issue” PR with her second fastest half marathon ever!  This was a huge day.  She ran 1:47 well under her goal time.  The Phoenix Half was her “A” race, and the eggs were in “this” basket!  What a great day she had!  Her dream goal was to beat her lifetime best of 1:45:28 by 1 second.  It wasn’t a greedy goal but it certainly wasn’t an easy target.  At the finish line, magic was in the air!  After many years of running Corinne crushed her lifetime best with a 1:44:23 and the best part was her execution was outstanding!   That BQ is more in range than ever before.  I’ve watched her transform from a marathon addict to a Best Time Addict, and I’m so proud of her!  CONGRATS Corinne!

Jaime and I just started working together.   We are baby steps into a busy year complete with a few marathons and Ironman Arizona!  This was our first race and I suggested we use it as an process race.  Mission accomplished!  Jaime nailed her pacing with an equal split which was the goal!  She followed the plan and ran a 1:50 which was a very strong race for this time in her training.  Congrats Jaime!  Let’s see where else we can go!

Yoshimi Phoenix

Yoshimi with an Age Group Win and Lifetime Best Half Marathon!  

Yoshimi is a brilliant fast runner!  Her talent is deep and she has many fast races on her run resume!   Yoshimi is also new to triathlon training, and she has embraced it 100%!  Her work ethic is unreal, and as much as she finds swimming and cycling a challenge, she is nailing her workouts!  With tri training came a decreased focus on running leaving this race as a bit of an unknown.  It was hard to predict outcome because her lead up to this race was different than any race before.  The finish was a testament to her talent but also to the work she’s done in the last few months!  This “runner” found a LIFETIME BEST HALF MARATHON SPLIT and an AGE GROUP WIN at the Phoenix Half!  1:31:07!  (Where were those 8 seconds for a 1:30:59!)  This was brilliant!  I can’t wait to watch Yoshimi fly on the St. George 70.3 course in May!  CONGRATS!

Shayna trained so hard for this race even though she often struggles to hold focus on on particular goal.  Her love of racing and challenging herself means she wants to do it all, but with a lot of self determination and patience, she was ready to rock the Phoenix Half Marathon.  In training Shayna has been running better than ever.  We all see it in her form as she has a lightness to her step that eluded her in previous years.  Her inner runner was coming out in spite of physical challenges from a bike car crash several years ago that left her knees in bad shape.  Racing doesn’t always work the way we plan, however, and Shayna got incredibly sick a few days before the race.  She rested hard, took in everything she could to fix it, but this illness was not letting go. She did choose to race for a lot of reasons, and after it was done she realized that was not a good plan.  She was too sick to come close to the goal time she deserved, and was back in bed for several days as the illness would not let go.  We all put our heart and soul into our sport.  We don’t do it as a job, we do it because we love it.  To have your day thwarted by illness is cruel, but Shayna will get better and her run strength is there regardless what happened on race day.