Patrick PhoenixPatrick has a HUGE year ahead of him with Ironman Azizona as his main race target.  He wanted to start 2018 though with a marathon looking for mary PR in his third attempt at this distance.  Mission accomplished!  Patrick ran 25 min faster than his previous PR in spite of some early pacing issues.  (That hill is hard to manage early on.  Down fast feels so good but late in the marathon you often have to pay it back.)  Patrick fought through some challenge for a lifetime best marathon time of 4:26!  CONGRATS Patrick!  A very good start and huge validation that the work he is doing is paying off!  CONGRATS Patrick!

Jodi PhoenixJodi came to Phoenix with a goal of enjoying racing.  She had some health setbacks in the last year that made training and racing pretty close to impossible.  A big reset and some serious focus on zone 1 work allowed her to gradually re-tool her aerobic system and build a run base that allowed us about 5 weeks of solid marathon training with some intervals.  Jodi didn’t expect a PR, and when we talked goal times she was very realistic with a 3:50 being solid and a BQ.  A 3:45 would be awesome though, and that was her dream goal.  Flash forward to the finish line and Jodi broke her dream goal finishing in 3:44!  This wasn’t without challenges as she, like Patrick, started a bit hot early on!  Those early fast miles made for a tough last 4, but she worked through it, stayed determined, and came below her dream goal!  A HUGE validation that her early work paid off.  This is the start of Jodi coming “back”… and I’m so incredibly happy for her.