Alison NY 1

Alison is new to my stable of athletes and we are just beginning to change the running routine she has done for the last few years!  I’m making her slow some things down and speed some things up.  We are off to a good start and are seeing some positive changes in her running!

Alison ran a “for fun” half marathon in Little Rock in prep for the New York Half.  It went SO well and she was oh so close to that sub 1:50 time she’s working towards!  Recovery was fast too.  She had a few key workouts to NY and she was off!

New York was a tough course with some insane hills!  Add to that the massive number of people you are running “with” and your day isn’t really your own!  We are in a bit of disagreement as to if she hit a sub 1:50 time though!

By Garmin the course was quite long.  Her pace on Garmin has her at a 1:47 half mary time.  There were a lot of buildings around and we all know Garmin is not exact BUT her watch marked the course half a mile long.

Alison is not giving herself a green light here, so I went so far as to ask her to find data from other runners.  Across the board the course was long for every athlete!  Based on this my dear wonderful talented funny fast Alison, I am calling this an unofficial sub 1:50 half marathon!!!  There will be more! Trust me:)  We are only baby steps in,  CONGRATS!  Coach Angie

Alison NY 2