I have fallen far behind on updating the amazing accomplishments of my athletes in recent months.  I apologize to all of you because every athlete on my team deserves a shout out not just for racing, but for their dedication to training.  I’m going to do my best to give a quick overview, acknowledging I might miss someone. If I miss “you” please send me a note!  YOU ALL MATTER!!!!!  I hope you take a minute to read down and see the awesomeness of the people I am incredibly thankful to coach!  THANK YOU!  April is done!  May and June are coming!


Ryan had an aggressive goal and he nailed it!  He was patient on the bike to have the run of his life off the bike.  Ryan was very specific in how this race would go, and RYAN.. you NAILED it!

Shayna had the run of her life!  A HUGE 70.3 PR with a 15 min lifetime best run off the bike.  Patience on the bike payed off!

Maria… always out there to support others! Maria had a solid swim, a strong bike, then chose to support others on the run. We call her “Sister Maria” for a reason!

Diane…. Some bike fit cleat issues hampered her ability to show off her bike fitness progress which was frustrating for both of us.  The day was solid, but not where she could be with no hip pain.


Tenacious 10 miler:  This was a training day for Leana!  She negative split which was the goal!


Cactus Man:

Vicki took a lot of lumps in the swim but didn’t let it deter her!  She got on that bike course and pushed her trusty 2 wheeled machine with all her might!  I was most proud of her run though! Her HR was through the roof!  She raced HARD!!!!!!  Well done Vicki!

Brigette:  I have no notes or logs on BB’s race at Cactus Man. Knowing her though this was a day of mental toughness with some challenges and the willpower to overcome those challenges! That’s how this athlete rolls.

Jaime got it done without it being the race she “wanted”.  This was a good kick in the pants about things she needs to adjust to fit training into her life.  On that front the race was successful.

Michelle:  Crazy swim, her best bike ever, and a run she was SO over the moon happy with!  GREAT sprint tri for my lovely Canadian Michelle!!!!  Awesome!

Diane raced Cactus Man sprint tired and for fun!  Mission accomplished!

Alli: This was our first race together and Ali had a day of challenges and she overcame those challenges!  I was pretty happy to check this one off Alli and lessons learned were all good moving forward!

Brian:  Age group win! He had no run legs the day before the race and race day his legs showed up ready rumble!  This was a pretty exciting day and Brian knows there is still lots to work on!  Congrats!

Patrick did the Olympic Distance:  He had a good swim, a good bike and melted in the heat on the run. This was a good race to see what he could do!  He learned a lot and was positive post race about the day even with the heat and the longer than expected run!

Ryan did the Olympic Distance too:  He was a few weeks post EPIC CA 70.3, and in his words, his casual approach to “it’s only an Olympic Distance” left his pre-race preparation as too low a priority.  Race day was fun, but not a reflection of what he was capable of.  He will pay attention to details next race… for sure!

Brandon did the Olympic Distance:  He’s hot off marathon training and new to full blown try training!  This was a very well executed day for early in the tri season.  There is a lot of PR’s in Brandon’s future. Today was a PR, but I know there’s more!


5k Fun Run:  Kathleen had a lifetime best 5k by a country mile. Her words.. today I became a runner!  And she did:)

Sharon ran the Glencoe 10k. It’s a favorite for her!  She won her AG and was 6th overall on a course full of ice and snow. With a goal of preserving her body for future training she slowed down to almost a pedestrian job for a 44′ finish.  I was proud of her for being cautious.

Corinne threw in the LA half marathon.  We didn’t prep for this race but somehow she managed what I think was a PR! She is on fire and I’m so excited for her!  Oh.. and before this she rocked the Lucky Clover 4 miler and the Giants 5k!!  She also raced the Whiskey Basin 10k Trail run and the Damn Good Trail Race 13k event.  Then a Ragnar trail run.  No rest for this athlete!  Writing all these down is almost bizarre!


Tri for the Cure:

Debbie… beautiful amazing Debbie!  Debbie is living with cancer yet and choosing to fit as much living into her life as life and body allow!  Debbie had a pretty amazing day at Tri for the Cure! I was honored to be there to watch and cheer!

Diane is the race director but that doesn’t stop her from racing and having a blast!!!!  She organizes her race then gets to see it first hand.  I LOVE this!

Brigette used T4TC as a first step back to tri’s post Ironman AZ and a whole lotta other stuff.  Her smile and joy at the accomplishment made me melt!  Such a happy happy day!


Ironman Texas:  Coach Angie raced Ironman Texas and ended the day with 5th in her Age group in spite of a timing chip that quit working on the bike and a bizarre race without marshals on the bike course.