Last weekend Leslie Anne and Tara hit CDA 70.3.  It wasn’t the day they wanted, and they are both using it as motivation, inspiration to get to the start line in Whistler stronger than ever.

Leslie Anne was derailed by a tummy bug a few days before the race. Race day her swim and bike were good.  This isn’t a surprise as she is very much a swim bike specialist!  She came off the bike in 3rd only to have her tummy go south.. literally.  It wasn’t nutrition, it wasn’t execution, it was that bug.  She managed to finish the race and is thankful she did.  No lessons learned. The only thing she could have done differently was to prevent that bug.

Tara had a rough day.  Her first open water swim of the year was the Saturday before the race and it was a challenge.   In every other race Tara has done, including 5 Ironman races, she has been able to get her brain amped up and her breathing calmed down for race day.  Unfortunatly at CDA.  No matter what Tara could not settle her breathing, and she had no choice but to DNF.  If you know Tara you know how devastating this is.  I can tell you that since this she has completed 2 x 3000+ swims and a successful open water swim.  She will be at that start line in Whistler with all systems go for a successful day.  I 100% believe in Tara.  She is working on believing in herself.