Brandon and Debbie hit a reverse tri in the heat!  

Debbie did this race a few days after a chemo treatment. With her never give up attitude Deb got it done with her love at her side.  She is now off on the vacation of a lifetime continuing to live her life on her terms.  You are amazing Deb.

Brandon threw this race in without  a ton of notice and the best news is he had a blast!  I was more interested in his race execution than anything, and he earned A+++ marks from the Coach!  His run built and was fast. Not a wobble in pace.  His bike was so well executed. Brandon just did a Max V02 test and his race today 100% validated his test results.  He even brought his effort up a bit on the final few miles of the bike! His swim is a bit of an unknown because he lumped transition and the swim together on his watch. At the end of the day he finished 2nd male overall, and I would call this a best ever day for this accomplished runner turned triathlete training machine! Congrats Brandon!