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Angie Anderson is the head coach of Team TriLife.  She resides in Phoenix, Arizona coaching athletes locally and abroad.

  • Every program is personalized based on the athletes’ history, goals, time available, work schedule and life commitments. Success is not a “one size fits all” process and a successful training program must reflect this.
  • I council athletes on the critical elements of race planning, mental strategies for success, nutritional strategies and everything else you need as a triathlete to have “your” best race day!
  • This holistic approach has led to immense success for my athletes in the past 10 years.  Many athletes have placced in their age group, qualified for Boston, ITU Worlds, and 70.3 Worlds and Kona.  So many lifetime firsts and lifetime bests across all distances!  I am thankful for the effort my athletes commit to daily.

My training philosophy is based on building a strong  foundation through

  • Ongoing communication and education. (I left teaching in 2006 but will always be a teacher at heart.)
  • Discovering what makes my athletes thrive, then using  appropriately paced workout intensity, frequency and duration to challenge and excite each athlete on my roster.
  • Adjustments based on athlete feedback.  Life is fluid.  Athletes respond to training at different paces.  This must be accounted for within a training program.

Athletes with unusual life calendars due to shift work, travel and family commitments have seen immense success on my team.  Your “life” is put in your calendar first.  Your “training” is build around it.

I adjust training methods based on the needs / preferences of my athletes with regards to heart rate and power.  I believe in the science of coaching, am always learning, but am resistant to jump on the latest training “fad”.  I trust the knowledge and experience gained over 12 years as a full time triathlon coach to create the environment for my athletes to be their best.

I travel whenever possible to support my team and to study different race venues.  If you’re racing in Boulder, Arizona, CDA, Whistler, Victoria, Calgary, Cozumel, Penticton, Oceanside, St. George,  I will guide you with knowledge of the course, the conditions and even logistics around the event with travel and lodging.

I have had solid success as an age group triathlete since doing my first sprint tri in 1999. I started with no skills having never owned a bike,  and have since learned what hard work can achieve.  Race highlights below:

  • 17 Ironman finishes including Hawaii World Championships in 2007 and 2017
  • 1st in AG at Ironman 70.3 Arizona 2016, 1st in AG at Ironman Cozumel 2016 and Ironman Boulder 2018
  • 5th in AG at Ironman Texas 2018
  • 4th in AG at Ironman Boulder 2015, 5th in 2014
  • 3rd in AG at St. George 70.3 2015, 2nd in 2014
  • 3rd woman overall at HITS Lake Havasu Half Ironman 2014
  • 2nd in AG at Ironman Arizona 2012, setting my PB of 10:31
  • 7th Place in Age Group at Ironman 70.3 World Championships 2009
  • 5th in AG at Ironman Canada and Ironman Coeur d’Alene in 2008


I graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Physical Education and a Bachelor of Education. Prior to coaching I was a high school physical education and sports medicine teacher. In 2006 I left teaching to coach full time.

Coaching certifications

USAT Level 1 (2014)

USAT Level 2 (2016)

USA Cycling Level 2 Coach (2018)

Slowtwitch Power Certified Coach (2017)

International Triathlon Union Level 2 Certified Coach (2010).

Triathlon Canada NCCP Certified Triathlon Coach (2006)

I was the Master Learning Facilitator for all Triathlon Canada coaching certification courses in Alberta for 10 years. I also had the opportunity to work with some very talented junior triathletes as head coach for the Alberta team for Canada Summer Games in 2009 and Western Canada Summer Games in 2011.

Ongoing education:

  • Training Peaks University 2018
  • Attended the Endurance Planet Coaching Seminar with Gordo Byrn and Alan Cousins Dec, 2014.
  • Attended the Brett Sutton 3 day camp in Calgary, Dec 2015 as an observer to watch Brett coach.

Please contact me at  “angie at” to discuss what we can achieve together.


Angie and team Trilife has been an amazing gift to me. It feels wonderful to say, with honesty, that I am a triathlete. The first few years I was faking that I was a triathlete, but now with Angie’s guidance, support and excellent coaching skills, I am a triathlete. Christine Forner, 41, working towards her first half Ironman
Christine Forner
Angie the work you do is important and makes a difference to a lot of people including me. It means a lot to make a difference and you do – so take that into your next training session knowing that Angie the athlete sets a great example for the people training under the guidance of Angie the coach.
Angie, it should be me thanking you for bringing such a great bunch of people up from your area! I paused a couple of times down at the lake on Saturday morning, watching you work with your athletes on transition and rules and I was very impressed. If only all coaches could take the time to work these little details out with their athletes it would all go so much easier for them. Your dedication and commitment shows in each and every one of them!
Wade, Race Director
I cannot even begin to express what an incredibly supportive and experienced coach Angie is. I first met her in 2010 when I wanted to complete my first Ironman. Right from the beginning she understood who I was as an athlete and what I needed from her to succeed. She always listened to me and she knew exactly the right thing to say exactly the right time. She has supported me and has instilled in me a sense of confidence I never knew existed. Since I began with Angie and Team TrilifeI have completed three ironman triathlons and have qualified for and completed two Boston marathons. Her unwavering support and guidance and her incredible team of athletes and coaches has shown me that you can accomplish amazing things when you surround yourself with amazing people. Thanks Angie for helping me reach all of MY goals.

Tara, Athlete/ University Associate Dean
“Angie Anderson has been my mentor and coach for several years. She has helped me grow as a coach, and has the patience and belief in others to follow through with what they are passionate about. Angie is also very curious about process and learning and has always taken such an interest in my growth as an athlete and coach, but also outside of the triathlon world. Angie has encouraged me to keep dreaming, but more importantly creating space for action. She has such compassion, heart and commitment to her athletes, while keeping it 100% real. Thank you Angie for being such an important part of my life, and for believing in me.”
Sarah , Team TriLife Coach and athlete
July 24th was a big day for me, at the age of 56 I finished my first 70.3; with hopefully more to come! We all know that getting your first big race under your belt is key to future successes. Like most individual accomplishments in life, it does not happen without the support of a group of folks around you! In my case I was lucky, I had Angie Anderson by my side daily to ensure I was training properly and getting a good understanding on what it means to be a triathlete! When I asked Angie to work with me, I am not sure she knew exactly what she was getting into, but she was there all the way!

One year before the race I weighed 60 pounds more than today, I could not swim, never road a bike for more than a couple of miles and had not run any serious distances in over 30 years! Angie worked with me daily outlining the things I needed to do and how I could fit activities into my schedule while I worked my standard 65 hour a week! She would regularly review and assess my results, through Garmin Connect, and outline the progress I was making, the good the bad and the ugly; and trust me there were some ugly results. By the way, Angie really only had 7 months to see me through this adventure!

Today I smirk thinking about the next 70.3 race I will take on, before I attempt a full Ironman. I know with the support of TeamTriLife and Angie Anderson, I will once again be successful! Could not of asked for a better Coach and support team in helping me get to the finish line on July 24, 2016. Thank you Angie!

Mike, Athlete, CIO
I was in-between sports having retired from rugby and soccer. I swam on the rare occasion, didn’t have a bike, and running was not in my life in any way, shape or form. From the summer of 2007 when I met Angie (at a triathlon I was watching ) she told me she’d ‘turn me into a runner”. Bullcrap I thought! I started with run 1min, walk 4min, 1500m swims and spin classes once per week I’m now into the final build for my 3rd Ironman and have done many other races in between. The line from the song To Sir With Love comes to mind, “You’ve taken me from crayons to perfume” applies here; from nothing to an Ironman. I thank-you Angie!!
Leslie-Anne, Athlete
I have been coached by Angie Anderson since 2008. She has coached me through four Ironman races and multiple personal bests. Angie is always learning and striving to help you reach your goals. No training cycle is ever the same as your plan is tailored exactly to your level of fitness and your life commitments. Angie is always quick to offer feedback and encouragement. Her enthusiasm at seeing her athletes reach their dreams is unparalleled!
Leana, Athlete
Can you believe it’s been 4 years and 3 Ironman’s since we first met? It seems quite unbelievable when I stop to think about it. I wouldn’t have been able to get to where I am without you. The thing that separates you from other coaches is your extraordinary ability to read and develop an athlete with a caring and supportive framework. You take the extra time to ask questions to ensure I am feeling physically and mentally balanced, getting a true understanding on my position in life and adjusting the plan to suit. From coming out to ACL reconstruction to lower back issues to excruciating saddle sores you have always been there to support me and prevailed with a plan to get me through it allowing me to get to the start line as healthy as can be. You are a true coach, a great mentor and an amazing friend.
Phil, Athlete


Premium Coaching Package

$250 US/month
  • Initial phone call, followed by a face to face OR skype meeting to get to know you, understand your athletic background, and goals.
  • Personalized training programs delivered every 2-3 weeks via Training Peaks. This includes workouts written and adapted to specially meet every aspect of your training and racing needs.Every workout has a purpose!
  • Review of Training Peaks logs, charts and graphs to better match prescribed training to individual needs of the athlete.
  • Power, pacing, speed targets specific to your current ability
  • Weekly contact by phone, athlete initiated.
  • Check ins with your coach. (If I don’t hear from you, you hear from me!)
  • Adjustments to program based on life events and fitness needs.
  • Year Planning:  Plan your year calendar to build to your “A” races.
  • Athlete initiated pre-race call or meeting prior to all races to discuss strategy and preparation.
  • Race plans using heart rate, watts, and rpe to have you best day. Post race call to discuss race experience and how to build to the next event./pricing_row]

  • FTP/ V02 testing when appropriate. (Extra charge for V02 Testing)
  • Monthly swim stroke review in person for local athletes or video analysis for out of state athletes included in monthly fee.
  • Detailed support, analysis, reflection on training, recovery and race day nutrition
  • Detailed discussions on the mental aspect of racing and competition including race plan review.
  • Unlimited email and text communication with your coach.  Premier athletes are the top priority and will be responded to first.
  • Access to 4 months of “off season” coaching package.  The level of service stays the same but the cost drops to $200 US/ month from $250 US/ month.

Gold Coaching Package

$175 US/month
  • Initial phone call, followed by a face to face OR skype meeting to get to know you, understand your athletic background, and goals.
  • Personalized training programs delivered every 2-3 weeks via Training Peaks. This includes workouts written and adapted to specially meet every aspect of your training and racing needs.Every workout has a purpose!
  • Life schedules (Travel, meetings, family events) that impact training calendar must be submitted 1 week prior to program due date.
  • Unlimited email contact with Angie.
  • One phone call / skype or facetime per month, athlete initiated.
  • Bi-weekly training log review.
  • Race planning:  Plan your year calendar to build to your “A” races.
  • Race planning and post race evaluation for 2 races per year.  This is athlete initiated and will include pacing, nutrition and mental strategies for success.
  • Swim stroke review in person or video analysis for $30/ session.
  • V02 and FTP testing when appropriate. (Extra charge for  V02 testing)
  • A dedicated full time triathlon coach!  This is all Angie does!  There is no other “job” to pull her attention away from you, the athlete!

Single Sports Package

$150 US/month
  • Initial phone call, followed by a face to face OR skype meeting to get to know you, understand your athletic background, and goals.
  • Customized detailed weekly training programs adjusted to fit around your work and family life. Every workout has a purpose!
  • Single sport has the same level of communication as the Platinum Program.  Training is build and adjusted around life schedules that impact training.
  • Unlimited contact with your coach.
  • Vo2 testing when appropriate. (Extra charge for this)
  • Log review every 48 hours.
  •  Plan your year calendar to build to your “A” races.
  • Race planning and post race evaluation for all races. This is athlete initiated and will include pacing, nutrition and mental strategies for success.
  • Run form review in person or video analysis.
  • Team discounts for camps and indoor cycling workouts where applicable.
  • A dedicate full time triathlon coach!  This is all she does!  There is no other “job” to pull her attention away from you, the athlete!

One hour private sessions

  • This session can be used for swim/ bike and or run technical work. You can also use it to better your transitions, or to discuss race day plans around nutrition, pacing, execution and / or goal setting.  The athlete dictates what he / she wants in this hour.  Coach Angie will cater the session to your needs.  Contact her at for more information or to book a session.
  • Note:  Athletes are responsible to pay any fees to utilize facilities for both Angie and themselves. If there is more than a 30 min drive to the location a travel fee of $20 / hour of travel time will be added to the hourly coaching fee.
    Cost is $50 US / hour.

4 Week Bike Skills Session

$400 for 4 x 90 min - 2 hour sessions for 2-4 athletes.
  • This is an ideal small group session for cyclists and triathletes looking to improve their knowledge of cycling safety and skills. Coach Angie evaluates the needs of the group and adjusts the program based on their current skill set. Topics often included are:
  • Safety skills
  • Group riding
  • Road safety/ riding in traffic
  • Race / transition skills
  • Basic bike maintenance
  • Climbing, descending, gearing
  • Pacing/ effort management
  • Evaluation of areas of weakness and how to address these weaknesses
  • Strategies to ride different courses
  • The goal of this 4 week program is to make you a safer more confident rider.  Contact Angie for more information at or call 480-221-9579. The dates and times of this program are flexible and based on the schedule of the participants.