Singapore-based LegacyTech platform Mitt Arv enters India market


New Delhi, Aug 7 (IANS) Singapore-based LegacyTech platform Mitt Arv on Monday announced its entry into the Indian market with an intention to revolutionise legacy planning in the country, going beyond traditional succession planning, and transform how individuals, families, and friends prepare for the future.

The pandemic’s impact reinforced the significance of cherishing and preserving memories with loved ones. Additionally, recent revelations of staggering unclaimed rupees in Nationalised banks, estimated at one lakh crore (with the potential for figures five to 10 times higher, as per RBI’s data), underscored the urgency for financial planning, according to the company.

With this, the company aims to empower users with comprehensive legacy planning tools, addressing future complexities and uncertainties, and ensuring lasting legacies for future generations.

The platform offers two transformative products — Emotional Will and Asset Vault.

“Complementing Emotional Will is our Asset Vault, addressing the challenge of asset discovery. Our collaborative platform seamlessly lists and edits asset details, facilitating easy discovery when needed, with the choice of sharing with the user,” Vishal Mehta, Founder and Director of Mitt Arv, said in a statement.

Emotional Will empowers individuals to leave heartfelt messages for their loved ones, preserving their invaluable feelings through text, audio, or video wills.

Through this unique approach, Mitt Arv leverages technology to enable individuals to hold on to the essence of their loved ones and find comfort in revisiting their cherished moments.

On the other hand, Asset Vault provides a secure and user-friendly platform that allows individuals to safeguard and manage their wealth and assets information effortlessly.

This innovative tool facilitates the seamless sharing of asset details with loved ones, trustees, and friends, ensuring vital awareness and guidance.

Users can also confidentially put on record essential details, such as life insurance claims, property ownership, and other valuable assets.

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