‘Thalinomics’: Know why veg thali prices are higher than non-veg thali


Veg thali
Image Source : PEXELS Veg thali prices in India soar

The precarious climb in the cost of tomatoes has made a vegetarian thali dearer by 34% on a month-on-month basis, a report by rating organisation Crisil said. The company’s ‘Roti Rice report’ said that that with the price of thali preparation increasing only 13%, non-vegan thalis were generally less affected in the longer term in July than in June. Tomato prices, a significant monthly increase in food prices, rose from Rs 33 per kg in June to Rs 110 per kg in July, up 233% per kg, according to the report.

Crisil said the normal expense of setting up a thali at home is determined in light of input costs prevailing in north, south, east, and west India. “The costs of onion and potato soared 16% and 9% month-on-month, separately, offering further evidence of the expansion in cost,” the report for August said, as quoted by The Times of India.

Meanwhile, the other ingredients, including chili and cumin, additionally turned out to be more costly, with their costs rising by 69% and 16 percent month-on-month, respectively. This is the third successive month of inflation at the expense of thali, Crisil said, adding that this is the initial time in the financial year when the costs have become dearer according to the on-year viewpoint too.

A two per cent month-on-month decrease in the cost of vegetable oil gave some respite from the expansion in the cost of both thalis, the report added.

While tomato costs, which have crossed ₹ 300 a kg in Delhi in spite of the government selling it at subsidised rates, will probably ease genuinely just from September, there is a risk of cereals going up, especially rice, which ideally won’t ascend however much it did in August and September of 2022.

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