B’luru auto driver accepts 2 rides at same time on different apps


New Delhi, Aug 8 (IANS) A user on X (formerly Twitter) posted screenshots of two different ride-hailing apps on two different phones, in which a Bengaluru auto driver accepted two different rides at the same time for different locations.

“2 different locations. 2 different apps. 2 different phones. Same auto Same driver. @peakbengaluru. much?,” the user captioned his tweet, which included screenshots demonstrating that details such as name and car number were identical in both apps. One of the rides was two minutes away, while the other was four minutes away, as shown in the screenshots. The name of the auto driver who accepted the ride was ‘Dasharath’.

The user wrote in a subsequent post, wrote, “Dashrath needs a raise”.

A netizen had an interesting take on the matter who wrote in the comment section, “Defeating space time continuum”. However, it is unclear how much the rides cost.

Last week, a resident from Bengaluru posted a screenshot from the ride-hailing app Rapido on Twitter (now X), showing a mind-boggling waiting time of 225 minutes for an auto-rickshaw ride of just 45 minutes.

“Rapido wait time getting out of hand. Gotta wait for more than 3.7 hours for 45 minutes travel @peakbengaluru #rapido #Bengaluru #peakbengaluru,” the user tweeted.

The user’s pick-up location was Koramangala — the IT hub of the city. Looking at this post, a user sarcastically commented: “This is the way #bangalorian.”

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