Microsoft to soon bring third-party browser support for AI-powered Bing


San Francisco, Aug 8 (IANS) Microsoft has announced that users will soon be able to experience the artificial intelligence (AI)-powered Bing in third-party browsers on web and mobile.

“With so many new, useful features now a part of Bing, we’re excited to announce you can start experiencing the new AI-powered Bing in third-party browsers on web and mobile soon,” the tech giant said in a Microsoft Bing blogpost on Monday.

“This next step in the journey allows Bing to showcase the incredible value of summarised answers, image creation and more, to a broader array of people.”

While users will be able to use AI Bing in their preferred browser, the company advised using Bing in the Microsoft Edge browser.

“With Edge, you’ll unlock longer conversations, chat history, and more Bing features built right into the browser.”

The tech giant first launched the AI-powered Bing in February this year. Since then, there have been over 1 billion chats and more than 750 million images generated using the service. “As excited as we are by the progress from these first six months, we’re even more excited by what’s to come in the next six months!,” the company said.

Last month, the company had launched a ‘voice chat’ feature for Bing Chat on the desktop, which allows users to talk to the AI chatbot by clicking on the microphone icon in the Bing Chat box. The voice chat feature currently supports five languages — English, Japanese, French, German, and Mandarin – with more languages coming soon.

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