Modi govt killers of Bharat Mata, traitors, not patriots: Rahul Gandhi


New Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday called the Modi government killers of Bharat Mata and traitors, not patriots.

Gandhi was speaking in Lok Sabha on no-trust motion against the Modi government on Manipur issue.

He said that the Bharat Jodo Yatra is not over and he undertook the cross-country march to understand what was it he loved and what was it that he bore abuse for 10 years.

Participating in the no-confidence motion debate, Gandhi also thanked Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla for reinstating his membership of the House.

“The last time I spoke, I also caused you (Birla) pain. I focussed on Adani ji with such intensity, your senior leaders felt pain. That pain also affected you, for that I apologise to you,” Gandhi told Birla.

“I only spoke the truth. My BJP friends you need not be afraid because my speech today will not be focussed on us. Rumi said, ‘jo shabd dill se aate hain woh dil mein jaate hain’. Will not attack you much.”

“I walked from one end of the country to another, from the coast to the snowy mountains of Kashmir. The yatra is still not over … Many people asked me after it started, ‘Rahul why did you walk, what is your aim’.

“I did not know why I wanted to walk but I soon understood the thing that I love and the thing for which I am willing to die and go to Modi ji’s jail, the thing for which I bore abuse for 10 years, I wanted to understand,” he said.

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