Online attendance for students in Delhi govt schools


New Delhi: Class teachers of Delhi government schools will mark the attendance of students online using tabs or school computer system and the record will have a bearing on final examinations, according to an official circular.

The circular further said that manual attendance marked by the class teacher will not be considered for any purpose.

“Online attendance records will be considered final for examinations. The attendance data of the students submitted online by the class teacher and school will be reflected at HQ level,” the Delhi government’s Directorate of Education (DoE) said.

The DoE said it is crucial for students to be present in school and actively engage in the learning process.

The heads of government schools have been directed to establish a “positive home-school relationship” by making personal calls to the student’s family and also utilise digital communication channels like SMS, whatsApp and e-mail, the directorate said.

“PTM will be held on every Saturday excluding the Second Saturday and holidays after the school hours. During the meeting, schools will provide parents with comparative analysis of their child’s attendance, especially for students who are absent more than three days in a week,” the DoE circular said.

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