PM Modi losing respect within his party, may face revolt: Ashok Gehlot


Jaipur: Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Saturday claimed Prime Minister Narendra Modi is losing respect within his own party and could soon face a “revolt”.

The senior Congress leader claimed PM Modi’s respect among the common people is also on the wane as his party “turns against” him because of his “approach”.

Gehlot targeted Modi for his attacks on the Congress over dynastic politics and his call for a Congress-free India.

“Making the country Congress-free will never happen,” Gehlot said. “The Congress is in every house of the country, while the condition of their party (BJP) is getting worse.” “There is a split in their party. Modiji’s respect is waning within his party. This should be a matter of concern for Modi ji himself. The respect that he earlier enjoyed among the public has also decreased,” he said.

The BJP has often took potshots at Chief Minister Gehlot over the infighting in the Rajasthan Congress. Addressing a rally in the state’s Mount Abu in May, PM Modi had said, “What kind of government is it where the chief minister does not trust his MLAs and the MLAs don’t trust the chief minister.” Gehlot said on Saturday BJP people unnecessarily make statements on the Congress’ internal affairs.

“Ask them (BJP) what used to happen at their party meetings earlier and what happens now? When there is a meeting of their parliamentary board, what used to be the atmosphere earlier and how it is now? You find out. The approach of Prime Minister Modi is turning his party against him,” he said.

“Slowly a revolt can happen against you,” he said, targeting Modi.

Gehlot said he is not worried about the equations between the RSS and the BJP, but his concern is that the country should remain united.

Gehlot also attacked the prime minister over the Manipur issue, alleging he was not worried about the situation in the violence-hit state and hence spoke only for “two minutes” on the matter during his more than two-hour speech in Parliament.

“The prime minister is wrong in believing that the people of the country are not able to understand this. They are very smart. The people of the country have a very strong common sense. They note everything and will never forgive,” he said.

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