Google introduces new pre-fill feature for Sheets


San Francisco, Aug 13 (IANS) Google has introduced a new pre-fill feature for the spreadsheet application ‘Google Sheets’.

“If you select a range of cells then insert a dropdown chip, manually entered cell data will convert to pre-fill the dropdown values,” the tech giant said in a Workspace Updates blogpost.

Users can then use the dropdown sidebar to easily adjust the options or add styles to the dropdowns before accepting.

The company also announced that users can now convert links to place chips in bulk from the insert menu or cell menu.

This time-saving update will be helpful when formatting data in bulk for event schedules, vendor lists, trip itineraries, etc.

Moreover, the company announced that when right-clicking a file or folder in Google Drive, users will now see a new menu format.

Last month, the tech giant added the ‘Alt text’ option in the ‘Image options’ sidebar of Sheets.

Also, the company had announced an option to insert a link and press the tab key to convert the link into a smart chip in Google Sheets.

Users can access this feature when they copy and paste email addresses or links to Drive files, Maps places or Youtube videos into a Sheet.

Meanwhile, earlier this week, Google had announced that eSignature is now available as an open beta on Drive.

The company will also introduce support for the new eSignature capabilities– Audit trail, Multi-signer, Non-Gmail users and Initiating eSignature on PDF– later this year.

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