Mild tremor in Chhattisgarh; no casualty


Pendra: A mild tremor of 3.6 magnitude hit the border area of Gaurela-Pendra-Marwahi (GPM) and Korba districts in Chhattisgarh on Sunday morning, officials said.

The aftershocks were felt in some parts of the two districts, but so far there was no report of any loss of life or property, according to officials.

“A 3.6 magnitude tremor was felt in Pendra town and adjoining areas at 9.09 am, with its epicentre five kilometres deep from the earth’s surface in Chandauti village, on the border of Korba and GPM districts,” a Meteorological department official here said.

It was a ‘light’ category tremor which does not cause a major destruction, the official said.

However, its epicentre was at a depth of just five km (from the earth’s surface), so it may result in damage to houses located within 20 km radius, he said.

Local authorities have been instructed to carefully monitor the situation and report if any damage has been caused, officials said.

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