Oprah Visits Maui Wildfire Evacuees at War Memorial Gymnasium


Oprah Winfrey visited with evacuees affected by the horrific fire in Maui last week, a disaster that has left thousands homeless and has killed over 80 people.

The shelter is also being used as a donation drop-off location for victims.

Images posted on social media showed Oprah chatting with volunteers and residents.

The group Kakoo-Haleakala says she offered to buy supplies for the shelter, including cots, blankets and toiletries.

Oprah owns 2,000 acres of land on Maui and has been living there part-time for 15 years. As the New York Post reported, Oprah owns three properties on the island, though it remains unclear if her home in Kula sustained any damage from the fires.

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“There is no doubt everyone would describe this as though a bomb hit Lahaina,” he said. “It looks like total devastation. Buildings that we’ve all enjoyed and celebrated together for decades, for generations, are completely destroyed. I mean smoldering still. Only a few stone buildings are still partially up. Looks to me that about 80 percent of Lahaina is gone.”

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