Thief prevents car tracking attempt by placing AirTag on another vehicle


San Francisco, Aug 13 (IANS) A woman’s attempt to locate her stolen car took an unexpected turn as the thief discovered the hidden Apple AirTag and cleverly placed it on another rental vehicle to create distraction, the media reported.

On a morning trip to Vancouver, Becca Hislop and her boyfriend found that her car was stolen, reports AppleInsider.

Hislop was ready for the situation as she had hidden an AirTag in her car.

After watching the AirTag signal move through city traffic, Hislop used it the next day to locate the vehicle she believed was hers.

When she got to the Kelowna winery where the AirTag was located, she realised that the thief was clever enough to find the AirTag and attach it to an Evo Car Share vehicle.

Although she couldn’t use AirTag to monitor her car while it was stolen, the Vancouver police eventually located it with minimal damage.

“I want this person to get their karma because we work hard for our things and it’s not fair that some people think they can cheat and just take,” said Hislop.

Last month, four people were accused of stealing a car and killing the driver, after the victim attempted to recover the vehicle using AirTag, the report said.

Also, an AirTag had helped to track down a restaurant burglar who stole $15,000 worth of goods.

In February, the tracker had helped to track a stolen car in the US.

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