Venus portal 2023: What the conjunction means for love and abundance


The Venus portal this weekend could give a lively awakening in your romantic relationships and bring about abundance.

On Sunday, Aug. 13, Venus retrograde and the sun are connecting at exact degrees in the sky, which causes the planetary conjunction that astrologer Arielle Guttman calls the Venus Star Point.

This celestial phenomenon marks a time of romantic reflection and desire — especially since it occurs in fire sign Leo.

Since planet Venus runs in an eight-year cycle, this is a time to asses the visions and dreams you began in your love lives during the 2015 Venus retrograde and parts of the summer in 2019, when there were other Venus Star Points in Leo.

After the two planets collide and create a “cazimi” effect, an astrological phenomenon when planets form an exact conjunction, the current Venus retrograde, which ends after Sept. 3, will slip past the sun.

During that particular moment, Venus will switch from an evening star that’s solely able to be seen at night — where it’s been since October 2022 — to a daytime star, making it only visible during daylight hours.

As a daytime star, Venus will bring a freeing, fun and desirous energy, as opposed to its current emotionally heavy and reflective state.

This is a wonderful time to manifest love, creativity and abundance. The energetic shift gives you the power to bring your heartfelt sentiments to life.

How can you make the most of this new energy?

Close your eyes and meditate. Let your mind drift and see what comes to mind. Write it down in your journal and try to attain your hopes by giving it legs to live on. Create a vision board by collaging inspiring words or images together on paper to help bring your visions to fruition.

Here’s how the Venus Portal will affect your sign.


Align with a creative endeavor that speaks to your spirit and soul. You’ll feel as though this artistic project ignites a part of yourself that you never knew existed. Plus, you will have a surge of energy, velocity and excitement once you roll up your sleeves and get to work.


This is a time of internal growth and personal development. Pay attention to the ways you are evolving and transforming. The more you allow change to take place, the easier it will be to ebb and flow with the cosmos, as you’re becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be.


There are so many emails in your inbox and texts on your phone that need to be dealt with. Use this as a time to catch up with everyone and everything. No one will find fault with your tardiness, as long as you explain the reasons why you’ve been busy.


Right now, you’re longing for financial security. Practicing the law of attraction will bring you all that you wish. As long as you don’t obsess (which is hard to do) over money, it’ll flow into your bank account. Meditate on bringing abundance into your life and it will come.


You’re currently confused about what you want to bring into your life. All the more reason why you should embrace every opportunity as it comes. Don’t say “no” to any endeavor, project or proposal. Listen to your intuition when jumping into such matters with a sense of curiosity and receptiveness.


Your analytical brain is on overdrive. Reverting into your secret world is a great way to understand your emotions on a deeper level. Having time and space away from situations will clear your mind and help you decide how you feel about matters, leading to less stress and worry.


Connecting to old friends and making right on former arguments is going to help you feel as though you’re part of a group again. Also, you won’t feel as lonely as you recently have knowing that your peers and pals have your back at this particular moment in time.


Think of the many ways that you can bring your dreams, aspirations and desires into your career. The more you integrate your personal interests with the work that you do, the more passionate, engaged and motivated you’ll be at the office. When you love what you do, others will too.


Your search for truth will lead you towards a place of spiritual enlightenment — as long as you are open to listening to the wisdom that the universe is telling you. An open heart and mind gives you the understanding and knowledge for which you’re yearning. These downloads are expanding your horizons.


Material gifts and wealth have been on high priorities to attain on your checklist since birth. Now, you’re longing for a deeper spiritual connection to help you feel as though you’re part of something much bigger than yourself. It’ll be an extremely enlightening endeavor for you to partake in.


Rather than be heady when it comes to matters of the heart, you will want to ditch the cerebral vibes and lead with your passions. Being more aligned with your emotions is going to feel refreshing and rewarding in the long run when you begin to open up to others.


Focus on how you can find a moment of calm and chill in your daily routine for the months to come. As a natural born giver and lover, it’ll feel nice to step away and back from helping and listening to others with the intention of focusing solely on yourself.

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