Too White? English Women’s Soccer Team Criticised for Having Too Many ‘Blonde and Blue-Eyed’ Players


The English Women’s World Cup team has been blasted for being too full of “blonde, blue-eyed” players, as the establishment media continues to air openly racial attacks on the native population of the country.

During the segment, Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones MBE, a Jamaican-born British farmer, said in response to a Daily Mirror newspaper cover featuring the members of the ‘Lionesses’, saying: “I don’t want to pour boiling water on it but it isn’t that diverse”

“It really sticks out at you. They look blonde and blue-eyed. If it was the men’s World Cup it would be very representative of the Britain that we’re in and very, very diverse,” he continued.

“If you could have the men’s team which is very, very diverse, why doesn’t that translate to the women’s team?”

While the England team is mostly white, it is not the case that there is no diversity on the squad, with forward Lauren James and defender Jess Carter having diverse heritage.

The comments were reminiscent of those made by Brigerton actress Adjoa Andoh, who commented on national television during the coronation of King Charles, said that the Monarch and the Royal Family as a whole were “terribly white“.

Emmanuel-Jones’ racially-tinged diatribe drew backlash on social media, with black political commentator Chris Rose writing: “It’s disappointing but predictable to see comments like this about the Women’s England team.

“Could it not be possible that the best have been chosen? Other countries have football teams with similar levels of diversity but aren’t criticised for it.”

It is not the first time that England’s Women’s team has been criticised in the legacy media for being too white. Last year following a win over Norway in the UEFA European Women’s Football Championship, BBC sports presenter Eilidh Barbour — a white woman herself — criticised the lack of diversity on the team.

She said: “An historic eight-goal victory for England last night as the lionesses secured their place in the quarter-finals but all starting 11 players and the five substitutes that came on to the pitch were all white and that does point towards a lack of diversity in the women’s game.”

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