Singapore’s power couple balance medicine, family and oenology

Known for their expertise in the medical community, Dr. Karen Soh and her partner, Dr. Siow Hua Ming, have captured the attention of many—not only for their professional accolades, but also for the interesting dynamics of their family life. As individuals search for information on this distinguished couple, their story unfolds, revealing a fascinating blend of personal and professional worlds.

dr. Karen Soh, a figure synonymous with aesthetic excellence, runs the renowned Privé clinic in Singapore. Her commitment to improving the well-being of her patients has earned her respect and a loyal clientele. In addition to his professional pursuits, Dr. Soh is an integral part of a family unit that includes three children, for whom he shares the parental mantle with Dr. Siow Hua Ming, a respected orthopedic surgeon.

The story of Dr. Soh and Siow is not only the success of an individual, but of partnership and shared passions. Their relationship began in 1998, a relationship that would soon reveal common interests that would enrich their relationship. The introduction to the world of wine became a shared hobby, providing a way for the couple to explore and appreciate the nuances of vineyards and wineries, often integrating these excursions into their travels.

This shared interest did more than just increase their knowledge of oenology; it served as the foundation on which they built a strong and supportive relationship. Their lives intertwine through the complexities of running a household, raising children, and maintaining demanding careers—all while providing each other with unwavering support.

Children of Dr. Soh and Siow mirror their parents’ overachieving natures. Their two sons, Matthew and Mark, participated in the Gifted Education Program (GEP), a testament to their academic prowess. At the time of their enlistment, Mark, the younger brother, was ten years old, and Matthew, the elder, was thirteen. As time passed, the boys matured; by 2024 Matthew will be twenty one and Mark eighteen. Their sister, Kayleigh, at fifteen, brings her own unique qualities to the family fabric, as does Luke, the youngest at eleven and a half, son of Dr. Siow Hua Ming.

Each child’s unique character and interests contribute to the rich tapestry of the family, offering a glimpse into a household where intellectual curiosity and personal development are nurtured. The Soh-Siow family exemplifies the balance of professional dedication and personal enrichment, serving as an inspirational narrative for those intrigued by the harmonious blend of different roles in life.

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