Who is Magali Ripoll Marie Antoine? Salary and net worth

Famous French singer Magali Ripoll mari (husband), Antoine, is also involved in the music industry. The Smitten couple has been together for several years.

Magali Ripoll is a well-known name in the French music industry. She is known for her energetic and dynamic performances in the show N’oubliez pas les paroles, in which she has been working since 2007.

The St Raphaël native plays the keyboard and accordion and adds humor and fun to the show with his interactions with host Nagui and the contestants.

Also, she is a solo artist and released an album called L’amour des Lamentations in 2016.

With everything said about her professional life, let’s know more about her personal life including her marriage, husband and children.

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Who is Magali Ripoll Marie Antoine?

Magali Ripoll, an esteemed individual known for her musical prowess and lively personality, shares a deeply fulfilling marriage with her loving husband Antoine.

Magali Ripoll Mari, Antoine, is a talented drummer and guitarist who has accompanied many famous artists on tours. (Image source: Instagram)

Magali Ripoll’s husband, Antoine, a versatile musician known for his drumming and guitar skills, especially accompanied celebrated artists such as Axel Bauer and Natasha St-Pier.

In an interview with Ici Paris, Magali happily revealed his multifaceted talent and involvement in supporting various artists during tours.

The charming discovery of their love story happened on the set of the movie ‘Don’t Forget the Lyrics’ in February 2021.

Ripoll also admitted her initial fascination with Antoine, jokingly admitting that she had spied on him years before.

This amusing anecdote prompted host Nagui to confirm the story during the next show, contacting Antoine directly and humorously mentioning Magala’s use of a ladder during her “espionage”.

Far from being baffled by this revelation, Magali Ripoll mari responded with carefree glee, acknowledging Magali’s unexpected passion for “ladders and espionage”.

“It’s wonderful. I didn’t know she had a passion for ladders and espionage. I learned that yesterday; well, that’s it, eeeeee… I’m not going out again!” the guitarist reportedly said.

His cheerful response reflected the couple’s shared humor and relaxed nature.

Magali Ripoll Children with husband Antoine

Magali Ripoll and Antoine are the proud parents of two adorable children, Chloé, 11 years old, and Marius, 5 years old.

The famous singer once lovingly shared snippets of her motherly routine, expressing her commitment to being actively involved in her children’s lives despite her professional commitments.

She highlighted her commitment by personally accompanying her daughter to school every day and being present whenever possible, relying on a nanny only on the occasional late days of filming.

Their family dynamic thrives on mutual support and deep-rooted affection, evident in the couple’s joint efforts to prioritize family time amid their busy schedules.

Ripoll and her husband’s dedication to nurturing a harmonious family life is proof of their enduring love and unity.

Magali Ripoll Salaire and Net Worth

Various sources estimate that Magali Ripoll’s net worth is in six figures. However, the exact details have not been made public.

Magali Ripoll Mari
As a celebrated musician, Magali Ripoll must have earned a commendable amount. (Image source: Instagram)

However, she is a successful artist who has been active in the industry for several years. So we assume that Ripoll’s fortune is a significant sum.

As reported from Glassdoor, French singers and musicians earn around 35,000 – 55,000 euros average annual salary. Magali also needs to earn around that range.

In addition to being an outstanding singer, Magali is also a comedian. He also performs in his solo show Radio Active, where he sings, plays instruments and makes jokes.

These efforts must also contribute significantly to her wealth. Despite this, the famous French musician Magali Ripoll leads a comfortable life with her husband and children.

As they continue their journey together, we wish Magala Ripoll, Antoine and their beautiful children much joy and prosperity in the days ahead.

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