Who is Annapriya Johnson New Zealand? Baiju Raju Wife Affair Tojo Mathew

Many people are looking for Baiju Raju’s wife and her affair story after Baiju committed suicide on March 27, 2023. He killed himself because of his wife’s betrayal.

Baiju Raju was a Senior Analyst working at Kainga Ora-Homes and Communities since November 2021.

He was a family man who lived a normal life with his wife of 11 years and an adorable daughter.

A resident of Auckland, New Zealand recently committed suicide due to the mental pressure he was dealing with.

His suicide story is just another reminder to face mental health issues and seek help when needed.

There is never a good reason for suicide, and there is always the possibility of a brighter future. Now, through this article, let’s know more about his suicide case, his wife and his family.

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Who is Annapriya Johnson from New Zealand?

Annapriya Johnson has now gathered all the media attention and limelight after her husband Baiju Raju’s suicide case.

Baiju Raju’s wife, Annapriya Johnson, is a nurse by profession and has been working in New Zealand for several years.

The couple exchanged wedding vows on January 16, 2012 and were together for a decade until Raju’s death.

A few years ago, they had their first and only child and lived as a happy family.

Annapriya Johnson works as a nurse in New Zealand. (Source: Facebook)

Furthermore, Annapriya’s mother is Elsy Johnson and her brother is Geevarghese Johnson.

She has kept her personal life low-key and private, so not much is known about her professional endeavors and personal whereabouts.

But after her husband’s death, the public began to question her humanity, loyalty and character.

Baiju Raju’s wife’s affair with Toja Mathew

As mentioned earlier, the senior analyst committed suicide in March 2023 after several psychological traumas he had to go through because of his wife.

Before committing suicide, Baiju posted a video on his Facebook in which he detailed the betrayal and deception he experienced from his wife and her family.

In the video, Baiju Raju claimed that his partner Annupriya was having an extramarital affair and that her family had taken away his property and thrown him out of the house.

In addition, he claimed that his daughter was his only hope and that since he had lost her, there was no point in living anymore.

Baiju Raju wife
Baiju Raju committed suicide after facing his own wife’s betrayal. (Source: Facebook)

According to Baiju, his wife was having an extramarital affair with Toja Mathew. Tojo was also married and had an illicit affair without his wife’s knowledge.

Baiju Raju was clearly moved throughout the video, sobbing as he narrated his story. He mentioned on his social networks that his wife and her family are fully responsible for his death.

Further, Baiju wrote that Annapriya, her brother Geevarghese and her mother Esly cheated him financially which started affecting his relationship with his wife.

His wife Annapriya was having an extramarital affair with her friend Toja for 7-8 months, which he found out in May 2022.

What could be worse is that his wife also filed a false and misleading domestic violence report and the police arrested him. Baiju also mentioned that his partner’s brother threatened his parents in the month of February 2023.

After going through all the mental pressure, betrayal and hardships, Baiju Raju decided to take a break from it all and took his own life.

His suicide case is heartbreaking and a reminder to take care of the mental health of our loved ones. In general, male feelings are suppressed in our society which can cause serious consequences.

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