School employee Vera Liddell stole $1.5 million worth of food

A Chicago school district employee was assessed a theft charge. School team member Vera Liddell stole $1.5 million worth of cafeteria food.

Vera Liddell is an internet sensation and the most wanted person in modern history. Liddell serves as the food director for Harvey School District 152.

Vera is a 67-year-old woman who has worked for the Harvey School District for over a decade. Similarly, massive fraud started at the height of COVID.

During the quarantine, when students were not allowed to be physically present at school, the fraud started, and Vera is accused of ordering more than 11,000 boxes of chicken wings from the school community.

However, sources revealed that these chickens were never brought to the school.

Vera Liddell stole $1.5 million worth of food, mostly wings, from the cafeteria

Vera Liddell, director of food service, has been associated with the south suburban school for more than ten years. Vera is accused of stealing $1.5 million worth of food from the cafeteria, mostly wings.

As mentioned earlier, the scam started during COVID when students were not allowed to be physically present at school.”

According to sources, although the children were not physically present, the school district provided dinners for the students to be taken by their families.

Judges discuss Vera Liddel’s case. (Source: The Washington Times)

So there is a record of ordering more than 11,000 boxes of chicken wings by Vera from the school district’s food supplier.

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Also, there is evidence that Vera picked up the order in a district cargo van. But the twist is that the food was never delivered to the school or the students as the school court promised to supply them.

According to prosecutors, the district paid all food bills but did not know what happened to the chicken wings that were ordered during the pandemic.

Who is Vera Liddell?

Vera is a 67-year-old woman of the year from Illinois who worked as the food service director for Harvey School District 152.

Currently, Liddell, better known as a school employee accused of robbing $1.5 million in cafeteria food, mostly wings.

She became the topic of conversation in the media; the news spread around the world. The court found that food worth more than a million was ordered but was never delivered to the students. Also, people saw Vera taking food from the van.

Vera Liddell
A picture of Vera Liddell has gone viral. (Source: New York Post)

Netizens are shocked that Liddell has been stealing food for years and years despite being one of the oldest employees of the school in question.

Vera Liddell was booked into the Cook County Jail

Vera is currently facing fees theft and financial crimes over a million dollars. After a year, an audit revealed that the Harvey School District’s food service department had cost about $300,000, definitely over budget.

However, the record showed that only half of the school year had passed. In the end, the diaries revealed that Vera, the former director of food services at the school, had committed a major fraud.

Many wondered if she was the only one involved in such a large crime, as authorities revealed that Liddell was ordering food on behalf of the district, and she was the only employee responsible for the theft.

Authorities are currently holding Vera Liddell on $150,000 bail at the Cook County Jail. Similarly, at the Sixth Circuit Courthouse, Liddell will appear in court on February 22, 2023. And the Illinois native did not take a plea deal.

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