Unpleasant incident of luggage vibrating on the flight

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An unpleasant incident happened on a flight when model faced with the awkward, awkward situation of being asked disembark continuously because of her vibrating luggage that turned out to be from a sex toy.

The incident, which has since become a viral sensation with more than 12 million views, was documented in a video posted by the model herself, Amanda Diaz Rogers, on TikTok.

“That moment when the whole plane wants to know why your luggage is vibrating.”

In the video, which was shot by a friend, Rogers can be seen covering her face in embarrassment as she reaches into her bag to stop the buzzing of the sex toy. It was undoubtedly a humiliating moment for her, especially with the security staff watching.

Fortunately, the security staff and cabin crew saw the funny side of the situation, even sharing a laugh with the other passengers about the mishap with the vibrating luggage.

After the video was shared on TikTok, the social media community flooded the comment section. One commenter, who claimed to be an airport employee, revealed that they can see such items on the X-ray machines and often wait in anticipation to see who will come to collect the bag in question, Sanook reported.

Another netizen shared a personal experience.

“It happened to me once, and now I always remove the batteries first.”

Someone else told a similar story about their husband and an electric shaver that was accidentally left on, attracting the attention of everyone around.

Another user joked about the incident.

“Clearly he has back problems, it’s a medical device.”

The incident provoked a range of reactions, from empathy to humor, highlighting the unexpected situations that can occur during travel. While it was an embarrassing moment for Rogers, it also served as a reminder to many to double-check their luggage before flying to avoid any vibrating surprises.


Cuando todo el avion quiere saber porque tu maleta vibra 😫😫

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