How High Times wants to change the culture of cannabis in Thailand

PHOTO: High Times Thailand

Cannabis has been legal in Thailand for almost two years. However, many still see the plant in a negative light. High Times, a weed dispensary in Bangkok, is on a mission to change this negative perception. They were founded by Canadians, and they are trying to bring the positive changes witnessed by the legalization of cannabis in their homeland to Thailand. They believe that by helping people understand the health benefits of cannabis, they can help break down the stigma associated with it. And here’s how they plan to do it.

A new approach to pricing

One of the ways High Times is encouraging more people to explore the potential health benefits of cannabis is by focusing on accessibility. That’s why they offer prices that are reasonable, but also tempting enough for skeptics to give it a chance. When you see their offerings on the menu, whether you walk into their Sukhumvit Road store or visit their website, you’ll find potent Thai herbs at up to 50% less than other competing dispensaries in Thailand.

Their goal is to make cannabis accessible to both locals and foreigners alike, debunking the idea that cannabis is only for those with deep pockets or that shops are solely focused on profit. For them, public suspicion of cannabis will always exist in Thailand if people cannot afford to try it.

Taking control of better products and prices, from seed to sale

PHOTO: High Times Thailand

Quality is another top priority for High Times. They are determined to prevent their products from being anything less than excellent – ​​free of substandard substances or, worse, moldy cannabis. And to address vendors’ concerns about poor-quality produce at sky-high prices, they took matters into their own hands by starting their own farm.

Backed by over 20 years of cannabis expertise and boasting a top breeder in Canada, High Times Thailand doesn’t skimp on quality. Their rigorous testing covers everything from checking the quality of the soil to the purity of the water, while maintaining strict standards. If problems arise, they will repeat the breeding process from the beginning to ensure top quality.

In addition to having control over the entire production process, starting your own farm also gives High Times Thailand the power to set prices. In this way, they can provide customers with quality cannabis without burning a hole in their pocket.

Friendly guidance for informed choices

The history of cannabis in Thailand is quite fascinating. It was often used in cooking and medicine until it was outlawed in 1935. Even in the 70s and 80s attitudes towards cannabis were relatively relaxed, but the government’s intensified ‘war on drugs’ changed that. Unfortunately, this led to an unfair moral stigma against cannabis, which still affects the perception of the industry in Thailand today.

In an effort to clear things up and remind people in Thailand of the medicinal uses of cannabis and its continued potential in the future, High Times is taking a proactive approach. They display detailed information on the benefits of each strain in their store. Once inside, you can learn about the therapeutic properties of each strain. In this way, we create a transparent and educational experience for everyone.

But beyond the storefront, High Times also boasts a knowledgeable staff ready to help customers make well-informed choices. Whether you need something to help you sleep better, help with anxiety, or want to be more creative, their goal is to personalize the cannabis experience. Thus, encouraging understanding and appreciation for the healing properties of the plant.

High Times Thailand’s commitment to affordability, quality assurance and education reflects a broader mission to create a positive shift in Thailand’s view of cannabis. As they work to bridge the gap between traditional beliefs and the growing understanding of cannabis, High Times Thailand stands out as a force for change in the Land of Smiles.

If you want to see for yourself or even join High Times’ efforts to change the cannabis culture in Thailand, be sure to stop by their store at 764/3 Sukhumvit Road, Klongton, Klongtoei, Bangkok 10110 or visit their website.

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