Controversies and scandals surrounding Yayoi Kusama: Is she a racist?

The controversy surrounding Yayoi Kusama continues to circulate on the Internet, and people want to know about her scandal. Continue reading till the end to know more information.

Yayoi Kusama is a famous Japanese contemporary artist whose main focus is on sculpture and installation. In addition, she is active in painting, performance and much more.

Furthermore, Kusama’s work is based on conceptual art, which also shows some attributes of feminism, surrealism, Art Brut, pop art, minimalism and abstract expressionism.

Likewise, Kusama’s work influenced the work of her contemporaries, including Andy Warhol and Claes Oldenburg. Due to her incredible work, Kusama has managed to win many awards and has also gained a huge fan base.

At the age of 94, she is still active in this field. Additionally, Yayoi was once a hot topic on the internet when she made a racial remark that landed the contemporary artist in controversy.

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An explanation of the controversy and scandal surrounding Yayoi Kusama

Yayoi Kusama was once embroiled in a controversy over her racial remarks, and people still want to know about the scandal. In addition, Yayoi made flagrant racist remarks on more occasions.

One of the moments was in a passage from her autobiography recalling encounters with blacks in New York. The passage was removed from English translations of the books, shielding many from a fuller, more challenging understanding of the worldview expressed in her writing.

In her autobiography Infinity Net, published in 2002, Kusama consistently wrote about black people as primitive, hypersexualized beings.

The Yayoi Kusama controversy often makes headlines on the internet and people want to know about her scandal. (Source: Vogue Philippines )

In its original Japanese release, Yayoi talks about the area in New York where she used to live, which has been turned into a slum, with real estate prices dropping by $5 a day. She attributes it to black people shooting each other out front and the homeless sleeping there.

In this way, many of her works have caused reactions on social networks, which people often search on the Internet. So, more information about it is described below.

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Is Yayoi Kusama a racist?

For the above reasons, people often ask if Yayoi Kusama is racist. As previously stated, Kusama has made racist remarks on multiple occasions.

An article published in Hyper Allergic states that Kusama generally does not talk about or depict black women, instead focusing on black men, their lips and private parts, boasting of orgies she says she saw in Harlem.

It was noted that her white contemporaries worked more provocatively. In 1963, Norman Rockwell made a painting called “The Problem We All Live With”.

Yayoi Kusama racist
Many YouTube channels have made videos about Yayoi Kusama being racist. (Source: YouTube )

The image in question depicts a young black girl being escorted by United States Marshals to a recently desegregated school. It was the same year before Kusama posted photos of her being carried around in Washington Square.

For various reasons, some social media often claim that Yayoi is racist. Despite all this, Kusama does not say anything about this matter.

On the other hand, many videos have also been made on YouTube channels that talk about Kusama being a racist. One of the channels, named Hey Chiche explained everything in detail, which removed a lot of confusion.

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