How I Would Learn Python in 2024 (from Zero) | by Egor Howell | Feb, 2024

To start, I would choose an introduction/beginner course that I like the look of or recommendations from another person who I know has good Python skills.

You might have heard me say in one of my previous posts that there is no such thing as the “right” course. While this is definitely true, some courses are generally viewed or rated higher than others, and it is generally a safer bet to go with the popular options.

In reality, any of the top courses will teach you the same things, so don’t worry too much about this. Just pick one and get going!

One course I took to learn Python was the W3Schools tutorial. I like how simple it is and provides you with hands-on exercises for each topic. It also doesn’t take ages to complete, you can probably do the whole course in a week by studying a couple of hours a night.

Completion didn’t mean that I knew everything about Python, but it gave me a view of the lay of the land and I understood the concepts much better.

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