Jalen Ramsey suggests Vic Fangio misused him and Xavien Howard

The news that the Dolphins are cutting cornerback Xavien Howard brought out some raw feelings from fellow cornerback Jalen Ramsey, who implied that former defensive coordinator Vic Fangio prevented Ramsey and Howard from reaching their potential together last season.

Ramsey posted on social media that he considers Howard the greatest cornerback in Dolphins history, and then Ramsey added that he’s angry that he and Howard weren’t used properly.

“I won’t ever forgive dude for not utilizing our full skillset!” Ramsey wrote.

Ramsey didn’t name the “dude” he won’t forgive, but it’s widely believed he was talking about Fangio, who spent one year as the Dolphins’ defensive coordinator but wasn’t brought back for 2024 and is now the Eagles’ defensive coordinator.

Fangio has had plenty of success as a defensive coach in the NFL, but it didn’t work out in Miami last year, and this isn’t the first time we’ve seen suggestions that some of the Dolphins’ defensive players weren’t on board with how Fangio was coaching them. Ramsey is glad that Fangio is gone.

First appeared on www.nbcsports.com

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