Amber Alert: Eminie Hughes missing case details and update

An Amber Alert was issued on Wednesday, February 28th for 12-year-old E’minie Hughes of Missouri City, Texas, who was reported missing last Friday, February 22nd.

The Houston Police Department now believes that E’minie may have been a victim of human trafficking.

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E’minie was last seen around 1:40 a.m. Feb. 22 on Waterchase Drive in Houston.

Surveillance footage shows E’minie willingly getting into the back seat of a dark-colored, four-door Dodge pickup before it drove off.

She has not been seen since. At the time, E’minie was wearing a white crop top and pink joggers.

The surveillance footage shared with local news station KPRC 2 shows the pickup truck pulling up in front of E’minie’s house around 01.40.

The driver, who appears to be wearing a light colored hoodie, does not turn to acknowledge E’minie as she gets into the back seat.

Police investigators now fear that E’minie may have been lured and kidnapped into being trafficked.

They issued an Amber Alert on Wednesday the 28th in hopes that someone would come forward with information about her whereabouts and condition.

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Amber Alert: Eminie Hughes is missing

The surveillance video shows the pickup turning around the cul-de-sac on Waterchase Drive before driving away down Steeple Chase Road.

E’minie’s family is concerned that she may have been kidnapped.

Her mother Shannon Williams broke the news: “I’m praying she’s not in danger.” She said E’minie didn’t have rideshare apps and was unsure if she was talking to anyone online.

According to her mother, she only had the clothes she was wearing and an Android tablet when E’minie left. They have not been able to trace the tablet to get any information.

At first, police believed E’minie may have left alone based on early interviews.

Eminie Hughes is missing
Eminie Hughes is not found right now (Source: YouTube)

But on Wednesday, they said they received new information that leads them to believe E’minie is a victim of human trafficking and in danger.

This also prompted them to issue an Amber Alert. Several detectives are working on the case.

The FBI is also helping to try to find E’minie. Her family wishes the Amber Alert came earlier than 6 days after she disappeared.

Her mother said “She’s only 12 so I know she must be scared.”

Eminie Hughes Case details and update

12-year-old Eminie Hughes was last seen on surveillance footage getting into an unidentified pickup truck on February 22.

Her distraught family continues to desperately search for answers regarding her disappearance.

Human traffickers could have taken Eminie, who was reported missing on Friday. The latest updates revealed on Wednesday suggest her whereabouts are unknown.

Investigators revealed they now believe Eminie was likely lured and kidnapped to be sold into the *** trade, prompting an urgent regional Amber Alert to be issued.

According to her mother Shannon, the last conversation she remembers having with Eminie was her daughter asking to be woken up early for school on the morning of February 23.

Eminie Hughes is missing
Eminie Hughes was reported missing on February 22 (Source: Wikipedia)

It was the last verbal exchange before Eminie mysteriously disappeared the night before.

After Eminie’s inexplicable absence and possible human trafficking, the Hughes family is completely devastated.

They are pleading with the public to provide any useful information that may lead to finding their beloved daughter.

After nearly a week of no contact, the family anxiously hopes Eminie can be located before she is harmed or trafficked across state lines.

Investigators are actively pursuing all leads, but they stress that public assistance is critical to locating missing children in these scenarios.

Anyone who may know of Eminie’s whereabouts is strongly encouraged to contact the Houston Police Department or local authorities immediately. The family is desperate to get Eminie home safely.

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