Developing periodic technical inspection services. Launching the mobile service in Saudi Arabia. Learn how to find and use it

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is always seeking to innovate ways to provide better and faster services to its citizens and residents of its land. In this context, the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization launched the mobile periodic technical inspection service, in a step that represents a qualitative leap in developing and improving the quality of services provided in this field.

Periodic technical inspection of vehicles has now become easier and easier than ever, thanks to the launch of (16) mobile periodic technical inspection stations. This step, which comes within a comprehensive strategy for developing services, aims to provide a comfortable and effective user experience, which eliminates the need to spend a long time Waiting or traveling to fixed screening stations.

Mobile periodic technical inspection service

Periodic mobile technical inspection is not just an addition to the services provided, but rather a radical shift in how these services are provided. This development comes within the framework of a comprehensive strategy that aims to develop the quality of technical inspection services and improve the experience of beneficiaries through licensing (16) mobile stations. The authority opens the door We are faced with a new and flexible experience that meets the needs of beneficiaries in innovative ways.

The mobile periodic technical inspection service aims to facilitate and facilitate fleet owners and individuals’ access to the service, especially in areas not covered by fixed inspection centers. This approach reflects the Authority’s vision of making services more flexible and easy, as these mobile stations move between multiple locations to cover the largest possible segment of beneficiaries. .

Technical safety standards for vehicles

The Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization is making unremitting efforts to raise the technical safety standards of vehicles by developing a system of periodic technical inspection and classification of vehicle maintenance centers in the Kingdom.

The aim of these efforts is not only to raise the level of technical safety of vehicles, but also to enhance the overall quality of these vehicles. By classifying vehicle maintenance centers, the Authority seeks to ensure the provision of maintenance services that meet the highest standards of quality and safety, which contributes to raising the efficiency of vehicles and reducing the chances of accidents occurring.

In addition to the efforts made in developing services and standards, the Authority attaches great importance to raising awareness among vehicle owners about the importance of technical safety. The goal is to encourage beneficiaries to adhere to the procedures for periodic technical inspection and periodic maintenance of their vehicles, not only to preserve their personal safety but also to contribute to protecting lives and property on the planet. Wider scope.

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