Gaza War: What is the fate of the ceasefire negotiations after the “flour massacre” and the resumption of the truce talks in Cairo?

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Palestinians transport someone who was injured while trying to obtain humanitarian aid in the northern Gaza Strip

  • Author, Omaima Al-Shazly
  • Role, BBC News Arabic – Cairo

According to the Ministry of Health in Gaza, the Al-Rashid Street incident that occurred on Thursday, February 29, which was called the “Flour Massacre” or “Lives Massacre,” resulted in more than 115 deaths and 760 injuries, in an incident that prompted European Union Foreign Minister Josep Borrell He expressed his feeling of “horror” at “another massacre among civilians in Gaza who are in dire need of humanitarian aid.”

This incident comes at a very sensitive time, as several parties are seeking to reach a ceasefire agreement and put an end to the bloody war that has been ongoing for about five months.

Majed Al-Zeer, CEO of the European-Palestinian Council for Political Relations in Brussels, believes that the “flour massacre” will be a “strong point” in favor of the Palestinian side, especially after the “massive and angry” global reaction.

He added to the BBC that “pressure” from the United States and European leaders condemning “these massacres” will have an impact in favor of the Palestinians and will “weaken” the position of the Israeli side in the negotiations, as he put it.

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