Hamas spokesman: Egypt is a permanent partner of ours at all stages of the people of Palestine… and has never neglected our support

Prince Nasri wrote

Saturday, March 2, 2024 10:21 PM

Taher Al-Nono, media advisor to the head of the political bureau of the Hamas movement, confirmed the continued entry of aid into the southern region, noting that there are lies about a company charging thousands of dollars or the Egyptian crossing charging thousands of dollars from passing Palestinians.

The spokesman for the Hamas movement stressed that these lies are behind the Zionist occupation, and their goal is to divide ranks and seek to ensure that there is no positive relationship between the Egyptian and Palestinian people in accordance with the principle of “divide and rule,” and this is its permanent behavior.

Taher Al-Nono added during an intervention on the program “In the Evening with Qaswaa” presented by the journalist Qaswaa Al-Khalali on the CBC channel, “We say that Egypt is our permanent partner for all stages of the Palestinian people, and it has not neglected a single day with us. We warn against listening to the propaganda broadcast by the occupation, targeting division, and striking this.” The positive Egyptian role that stands by the Palestinian people.

He said, “We stand in the face of the lack of real will on the part of Netanyahu, the terrorist government, and the extremists with him to reach an agreement, and there is Israeli-American creativity, and he believes that the cover before him is the continuation of the fighting and war, and if it stops, which is what he does not want, it is considered harmful to him.”

He pointed out that if American pressure on this extremist government succeeds, it will reach an agreement to end this aggressive war, adding that America feels embarrassed, especially after the flour incident, and international public opinion no longer supports this war, so the Biden administration wants to give signals that it is not satisfied with what Happening from Israel.

Al-Nono explained, “The real position required of the Biden administration is to pressure Netanyahu to stop this aggressive war, and we are keen on an agreement for the sake of the Palestinian people, and the occupation leadership has begun to feel that it is paying a heavy price for remaining in Gaza, and the occupation no longer announces its losses and talks about them via Leaks, and we are concerned with a Palestinian national consensus.”

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