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Israa S., the main accused in the murder case, confessed Yemeni Brigade Hassan Al-Obaidi, an official in the Yemeni army, detailed the crime of getting rid of him and stealing him after they agreed with him to engage in immoral acts, and with her husband to attract any clients to come out with money. Fate led the Yemeni victim on her way, and she agreed with him on a romantic date.

Cairo 24 obtained the full investigations and the text of the confessions of the accused in the case The killing of the Yemeni general Hassan Al-Obaidi, inside his apartment in the Faisal area in Giza, and they are 5 people, including 3 women.

Investigations into the Yemeni Brigade case

The accused narrated the beginning of the details of the crime by saying: I was working to get to know men in order to have sexual relations with them for money, and I met Ramadan Muhammad in the job that I was working at, and we loved each other and agreed that we would get married, and in fact we got married according to common law, and we remained in Fayoum with him in his house for about two months.

She continued: After that, we decided to return to Cairo, and I introduced him to my family, and he told them that we were married according to common law. After that, Ramadan rented an apartment for us in Imbaba, and we stayed there for about 4 months, and our financial situation was good, because he was working with my mother’s husband in the car furnishings.

The woman accused of committing the crime added: After that, the world started to get sad for us. I suggested to Ramadan that I should go back and work again in my work with the men. We would work on a business that we could manage on our own, because money was tough for us, to the point that we sat for 3 days without eating, and Ramadan agreed on this topic of my work and we agreed. If I find any customer, I will ride with him, sit with him in the car for a while, or go to the apartment with him, and Ramadan will give me a sleepover to be with me, so that I will sleep with the customer and drug him, and Ramadan will come and steal whoever is with him.”

The accused continued: Two days before the issue of this Gulf man, I went to the streets of Maadi and Manial, but no one stopped me. On the third day, I recognized the Gulf man who died. While I was walking on the Nile Corniche at one and a half in the morning, I found a car of my angel, the color of which he saw. I stopped by and found the one who was driving it, and I was happy to get in. With him, he sat talking to me, and I understood from his accent that he was not Egyptian, but that he was from the Gulf. He asked me that he would have sex with me, and he would give me 4 thousand pounds. I told him, “Okay, let’s go to the apartment.” He said, “No, leave it tomorrow. I’m going to sit with my friends.” And when I looked at the car he was riding in, I found him with him. Many gifts, so I realized that he was rich.”

The accused added: I said I would look out for him in any interest, and I preferred to ride with him in the car, and he worked in sensitive places until he reached me near my house, and I went down after I took his phone number from him and gave him my phone number, and we agreed that I would go to him the next day, and when I went, I told Ramadan about what happened. It happened with me and the wealthy Gulf man. We agreed that we would get any benefit from him because he is a rich and wealthy man and would not be able to do anything with us and would not be able to answer us again. I stayed at home until I got a message on the phone that the Gulf man tried to call me, so I went to call him on the phone and he told me. He wanted me to go to him with my two daughters as well, because he has a friend of his and he gave us a lot of money. I told him that I only have my sister with me, but Farah told me to send me a picture of her. So I sent him a picture and told him that this is my sister. He liked it and said to me, “Come, you two,” and she sent me a location for his owner’s house. I went to tell Ramadan about what he said to me, and he said to me, “You and your sister are going to go, one to keep him occupied, one to put him to sleep until he sleeps, and the first time he sleeps, he and Abd al-Rahman, my sister’s husband, will come out and steal the apartment, and we will all go down.”

The main accused in the crime added: We agreed that if the man resisted and there was no need, we would silence him and hold him back until he stopped any resistance so as not to expose us. Ramadan and I agreed on this plan, and I spoke to Marat Abu Suhair and asked her where she was. She told me that she was still coming back from outside and sleeping, she and her husband, Abd. Al-Rahman, Ramadan and I were happy at Suhair’s house, and when we told them about the issue of the Gulf man and the plan that we had drawn up, they agreed to it and told us that they would implement this plan with us so that they could find out his response for any benefit. So Suhair and I got into a taxi and moved to the Gulf man’s house, and he was walking behind us, Ramadan and Abdul Rahman.” .

It is worth noting that the South Giza Criminal Court decided a short while ago to postpone the trial of 5 accused of killing Yemeni Major General Hassan al-Obaidi and robbing him inside his apartment in the Faisal area in Giza, to the March 6 session to prepare for the defense case, and to alert the social researcher to prepare the necessary report for the second and fourth child defendants.

The security services in the Ministry of Interior revealed the circumstances of what was reported to the Giza Security Directorate on the 18th of this month by a Yemeni person who found the body of his brother inside his apartment when he had visited him because he had not responded to him two days earlier.

Investigations and information gathering resulted in identifying the perpetrators of the incident, namely Ramadan Muhammad, 29 years old, a driver and resident of Al-Munira Al-Gharbiyya in Giza, who had previously been accused in many cases, most notably murder, using a weapon without a license, theft, and intentional damage, and Abdul Rahman Ashraf Shehata Mustafa, known as Abdo Asalia, age 19, Kharrat, and resident of Al-Tawabeq in Giza. Israa Saber Mohamed Attia, known as Dina, age 22, a housewife and resident of Manshiyet Nasser in Cairo, and Suheir Abdel Halim Mohamed Abdel Halim, known as Menna, age 17, a housewife and resident of Manshiyet Nasser in Cairo.

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