Israel: We helped Washington drop aid by air in Gaza

Israeli military spokesman Daniel Garay said that Israel helped the United States coordinate the airdrop of humanitarian aid into Gaza.

In a statement, he said Hagar Israel is working with the international community “to enable the entry and distribution of humanitarian aid to the residents of Gaza.”

He added that Israeli army He coordinated aid delivery with US Central Command and the Royal Jordanian Air Force.

He said, “We encourage all efforts, all to help alleviate the suffering of civilians in Gaza“.

The Israeli army spokesman did not specify the amount of aid that was successfully dropped into Gaza, but said that the Israeli army also worked alongside France, the UAE, Jordan, Egypt and the United States to enable the delivery of 21 airdrops of humanitarian aid to the north of the country. Gaza in general.

On Saturday, the United States began Dropping humanitarian aid By air into Gaza, according to two US officials, the aid included meals.

US President Joe Biden announced on Friday that the United States would begin airdrop operations shortly after he said that “the aid flowing to Gaza is not sufficient at all.”

These packages were meals dropped on Gazans, and did not include water or medical supplies.

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